Friday, August 24, 2018

Facebook Book Release Party TOMORROW

Sigh.  I keep forgetting to post about this on my blogs.  It's been that kind of month, is all I can say.  Anyway... tomorrow, as in Saturday, August 25, seven other indie authors and I are banding together to throw a party on Facebook.

If you're on Facebook and want to join us, click here or on the image above.  The fun begins at 8pm EST, and my own particular time slot is at 9:45pm.  I'll be talking about Dancing and Doughnuts, obviously, answering people's questions and so on.  Oh, and giving away autographed copies of my books!

You can hang out for the whole party, or just pop by for a few minutes -- whatever works for you!  So sorry about the late notice :-(  I've talked about this on my FB author page a couple times, but didn't think to write about it here too.  

That party will be the kick-off for my Dancing and Doughnuts world tour!  I've set up a page on listing the different stops so you can follow with ease!  There'll be a giveaway involved with that too... more on that SOON.

Hope to see you on Facebook tomorrow night!

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