Saturday, January 13, 2018

Writing Dreams for 2018

I just read this lovely post from Jenelle Schmidt in which she detailed her writing dreams for 2018.  Not plans or goals, but dreams.

Dream is my favorite word, people.  In fact, weirdly enough, part of the reason I first fell in love with Bobby Darin, besides his voice, was the fact that one of his biggest hits was a song called "Dream Lover."  Which song I actually don't care much for, but the title "dream-lover" really suited me as a teen, and does still today -- a lover of dreams.  ("Daydream Believer" was another favorite song of mine as a teen because I felt it described me.  Still basically does.)

So anyway, here are my writing dreams for 2018!

I dream of finishing the rough draft of Dancing and Doughnuts (my western "Twelve Dancing Princesses" retelling) by the end of this long weekend.  I have two chapters left.  I think I can do this.

I dream of having Dancing and Doughnuts revised and polished and formatted and out in the world by summer.  May would be ideal, and since I'm just dreaming here, I'll say May.

I dream of assisting my best friend in any way necessary as we get a novel of hers out into the world.  (That's kind of her dream, but also mine cuz... I want to hold her book in my hands.)

I dream of starting another project.  I might be revising the first YA western I wrote, which I wrote about 5 years ago.  Or I might be starting another western fairy tale retelling.  Since this not a plan or a goal, but a dream... I dream of doing both!

(My favorite Shel Silverstein poem.)

How about you?  What are your writing dreams for 2018?


  1. My dreams?

    If I’m being honest, I have no idea. But if I’m just dreaming, I’ll say finishing my dystopian novel, writing most of my epic fantasy series, and starting my alternate history trilogy. I don’t think that’s possible—but I’m willing to dream. :)

    Good luck with your writing dreams! I believe you can do this!


    1. Faith, those are good dreams! It's nice to imagine all sorts of possibilities, isn't it? Here's to you making some of those dreams come true this year!

  2. All the best on your 2018 dreams!

    I love that Shel Silverstein poem, too!

  3. That's my favorite Shel Silverstein poem, too! It's really a good one.

    I wish you all the luck in the world with your writing goals! :)

    1. Evangeline, I'm not surprised, because it's sooooo good.


  4. Those are some wonderful writing dreams.

    For 2018, I dream of being able to do something more with my Rooglewood story. Whether publish it with them (if I win), or edit/expand/whatever it needs and then publish it on my own, if I don't.

    I also dream of being able to finish the first draft of my novel. We'll see how that goes, what with starting my PhD and all, but . . . yeah, this is just a dream, so :-)

    Good luck to both of us! <3

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Your own writing dreams are very awesome. Here's to making them come true, now and in the future :-)

  5. I dream of being a best-selling author.

    My goal, however, is to write two Tudor novels this year. ;)

    1. Charity, that's a fun dream! I actually don't really dream of being a best-selling author just because that sounds very demanding, hee.

      Two novels is an impressive goal! I'll be happy if I get this one out in the world.

    2. Demanding, perhaps... but the thought that a lot of people are reading what I write has always been my dream. :)

      I figure this will motivate me to get one book finished and a second one rough drafted. =P

    3. My over-arching writing dream is to be published by a publishing house eventually. I don't really care if I hit best-seller lists, but I would like to have my books more widely available. So... kind of the same thing, the dream that lots of people would read what I write.


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