Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"The Untouchables" Soundtrack Guest Post

I've got another post up here today on James the Movie Reviewer's blog.  This time, I'm spotlighting Ennio Morricone's unbeatable soundtrack for The Untouchables (1987).  I remember getting this soundtrack as a gift while in college and listening to it allllllll the time while studying.  And yet, I'm not tired of it like I am of many other albums I over-repeated back then.  Good, good stuff.


  1. Replies
    1. And he is soooooooooo good in this movie!

    2. I would have watched it already, only it's rated R, and my parents still draw the lines for me of What I Can Watch and What I Can't. What would you say?

    3. I would say your parents are wise. It's got quite a bit of bad language (may have been the first movie I heard the F word in), which a filtering service would remove, of course. But it's also quite violent, and the violence is tied to the plot in such ways that I don't think you could just clip it out neatly here and there.

    4. I won't be letting my own kids watch this until they're in college, if you must know. That's how old I was when I first watched it.

    5. OK, thanks. I thought as much. (My parents generally are right about these things.) ;-P


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