Friday, August 21, 2015

Guest Post about the "Firefly" Soundtrack

Today I've got a post up here on James' blog about the soundtrack to one of my favorite shows:  Firefly (2002-03).  How shiny, huh?


  1. Why do I feel like I should know the dude in the center of the photo . . . ?

    1. That's Nathan Fillion. He's in stuff like "Castle" and "Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog."

    2. Huh! I've never seen either one, so I don't know why he looks so familiar? Maybe he resembles somebody else that I DO know.

    3. Um, he was in an ep of Lost? He played Hermes in one of the Percy Jackson movies? He's Dogberry in Joss's Much Ado? He was the evil priest, Caleb, in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? He's the wrong Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan? Any of those ring a bell?

    4. Noooooo . . . to be honest, I basically didn't watch any movies or TV shows as a teenager. Now that I'm in college I'm kinda catching up on the movies, but I still watch hardly any TV . . . so, long story short, I haven't seen any of the stuff you mentioned. Quite shockin', I know :)

      What's probably going on is that he reminds me of somebody I know from college and I just can't remember who. I do that a lot--I look at people's faces and I'm like, "who does he remind me of?" and it takes me a LONG time to figure it out.

      Speaking of, the fall semester starts tomorrow! Yay! Woohoo! (No, seriously, I'm actually kinda excited.)

    5. Hee! Don't feel bad -- until I went to college, the only "modern" TV show I watched was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. It was strictly '50s and '60s stuff in my house. So I'm not shocked!

      Have fun with the new semester! Are you taking any classes you're really excited about?

    6. Thanks! I'm actually taking three history classes that I think will be really neat (since I'm a senior history major): Russia post-1917, conspiracy theories in American history, and a directed readings class about immigration, race, and citizenship. I'm especially excited about the directed readings because I LOVE immigration history--that's what I want to focus on when I go to grad school. Conspiracy theories should also be a lot of fun :)

    7. You have a user icon picture! Very nice choice :-)

      Wow, I would love to learn more about Russian history, and the conspiracy theories class is bound to be fascinating! I have a history concentration (like a minor, but requires fewer classes), and I never got to take anything like either of those, so perhaps that's why they appeal to me.

    8. Oh, thanks! I'm so glad you like it :) I picked her because she's the only period drama heroine who looks at all like me. Plus, I love how calm and self-possessed she looks--that's not me, exactly, but I'd sure LIKE to be like that ;-)

      I just had conspiracy theories and Russian history for the first time today---both fascinating. I'm super excited!

    9. Well, she's risen very quickly to the top tier of my favorite heroines, so I approve :-)

      Glad your classes are as interesting as they sound!


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