Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So to celebrate Bobby Darin's birthday today, I was going to link to a whole bunch of videos on YouTube like usual, but I found one that just blows the others out of the water for me, so I'm only posting it. Here's Bobby Darin singing "Sweet Caroline," my favorite Neil Diamond song.

I have never heard this before, and I am now longing to find it on cd somewhere. He sings it so slow, sweet, tender... and then there's that ending! Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Happy 73rd birthday, darling Bobby ♥


  1. Happy Birthday, Bobby!

    BTW, You can download that song here:

  2. I always forget you have Bobby and Rudy's bday in the same month! Happy birthday to both of them!

  3. Millie, you rock! Thanks so much for the link. I see several songs there I don't have yet.

    DKoren, not only do I have Bobby and Rudy in May, but John Wayne too!!! It's a good month :-D


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