Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When Dano had his 15-month checkup last week, I told the doctor he had a vocabulary of around 40 words. The doctor was suitably shocked, as babies this age normally can say 4-8 words.

But I was wrong. Today I wrote down all the words Dano says regularly, the words he not only can say, but knows what they mean. He understands many more words, and he can say a few that he's just mimicking us on and doesn't really understand, but he has a working vocabulary of about 80 words. Yes. Eighty. Eight zero.

Don't believe me? Here they are, with his pronunciation in parentheses if it differs from the ordinary:

All done (ah dun)
Apple (appah)
Arm (ahm)
Baby (bahbuh)
Ball (bah)
Balloon (boon)
Banana (bahduh)
Bear (beh)
Beep (bip)
Belt (bop)
Bird (bud)
Block (bop)
Blue (boo)
Boat (bup)
Book (bup)
Boot (bup)
Bottle (boppa)
Bounce (bop)
Bowl (bow)
Box (bop)
Brush (bop)
Bug (bucch)
Bump (bup)
Bunny (bundy)
Burp (bup)
Button (bahpuh)
Bye (bah)
Cake (gagk)
Car (cah)
Cheese (Tchee)
Coat (tut)
Cookie (googkie)
Dance (dats)
Daniel (Dato)
Deer (deeuh)
Down (dah)
Duck (dat)
Ear (eeah)
Egg (ot)
Eye (ah)
Grandpa (appah)
Hi (hah)
Hippo (hempa)
Hot dog (hot day)
Kitty (diddy)
Laundry (wahndee)
Light (wite)
Lotion (wladeen)
Mama (baba)
Oh boy (ah buh)
Out (ot)
Outside (awdah)
Paw (pah)
Pen (peh)
Pie (pah)
Pillow (pehbuh)
Roar (awah)
Sock (hot)
Spoon (poon)
That (dat)
There (deuh)
Toe (ta)
Tractor (tattuh)
Train (dain)
Tree (tee)
Truck (tot)
Waffle (vaffa)
Warm (vahm)
Water (wadduh)
Wow (awah)
Yarn (yahw)

As you can see, many of them would be understandable to strangers. And the letter 'b' is by far his favorite, the word 'bop' gets used for many different things, and he likes to pronounce his 'w' Germanically.

Yes, I'm partly bragging here. And partly preserving this word list for posterity. And partly I'm telling you just how much trouble Cowboy and I are in -- Dano may be much too smart for us!


  1. What a little smarty pants! I have to remember not to compare Zoe to Kaiya. It's not that she is behind but Kaiya has always been miles ahead of where she should be and Zoe is about right. Except physically. Zoe is like a little machine!

  2. I actually forgot a few words that he knows. Like yarn, and he said another one this morning that I realized wasn't on my list. I'm going to add yarn to the list, as he's known that one for quite a while now. Hmm, wonder why? :-D

    And yes, we'll have to be very careful not to compare the next kid or two to him -- but who knows what they'll be good at. Music? Cooking? Gymnastics? Who knows!

  3. I just remembered another one too -- hot dog!

  4. I knew he'd be a genius. The comparison things starts early, with the must mundane things...


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