Monday, January 19, 2009

Johnnycake and Dimples have been here all weekend because everyone is off work/school today. How did we celebrate? By making them work, of course. Johnnycake fixed the lid of my toy box, and Erika did dishes yesterday while Cowboy, Dano, and I napped.

Don't worry -- we have given them a bit of time off for good behavior now and then. On Saturday, we watched Melinda and Melinda (2004), a Woody Allen movie where two screenwriters, one who writes dramas and the other who writes comedies, take turns telling a story about a woman named Melinda. They use the same basic premise, that she's a divorcee who's trying to get her life together, but she comes to very different ends in the two stories. An interesting premise, and it was carried out pretty well, so I guess we can chalk it up as another Woody Allen movie that I actually liked okay (the other, so far, being Scoop).

And last night we played the new Beatles Monopoly that Mom and Dad gave Cowboy for his birthday. We stopped the game before it could descend into slumlordism and declared Cowboy the winner. I lost. Badly. I only managed to buy two properties during the whole game because I kept landing on things Johnnycake had already bought. And once in a while things other people had bought, but mostly it was Johnnycake. In fact, he and I just kept trading the same few bills back and forth for most of the game.

This morning, we all got to sleep in -- Dano and I until 6:45, Cowboy until 7:15, and Johnnycake and Dimples until nearly 10. They're packing up this morning and will leave us after lunch, alas.

Funniest part of this weekend: Dano calls both Johnnycake and Dimples "daddy." Cowboy's a bit miffed, of course, but it makes the rest of us laugh.


  1. Your hubby strikes me as the type of person that usually wins.....and gloats.

  2. He does usually win. Rather ruthless, actually. And he used to be an insufferable gloater. Remember when we played Sorry together and you called him a dirty whore? He's mellowed somewhat with age, and now he gloats more quietly and for shorter amounts of time :-)

  3. Yes, indeed, he ALWAYS wins at our house. Except when we play Monopoly and DanosGrampa somehow rigs it so that nobody wins. He has a knack at doing that. Much to Cowboy's consternation. Then sometimes he pouts. But he's getting better at that, too. Hamlette has had a very good effect on him.


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