Thursday, August 09, 2007

You know you're having a good vacation when it's half over before you get around to blogging about it.

Cowboy and I left home on Tuesday morning (the 31st). We stopped in Illinois to visit our favorite college professor, who is now a church pastor, and ended up staying the night in the same town because we were just too sleepy to go any farther.

Wednesday, we drove to Petersburg, KY to visit the Creation Museum, which was completely awesome. I took a whole roll of film there. We drove on a ways farther that day, ending up nearish they KY/TN border.

Thursday, we drove home to my parents' house in NC, arriving in the afternoon. Dad grilled his fabulous steaks for us for supper, which is always one of Cowboy's vacation highlights.

Friday, we all went and saw The Bourne Ultimatum, and Cowboy and I bought our very first dvd camera so we can record Gumdrop's every waking moment once he arrives :-D

On Saturday, my home church had their second annual Bluegrass Jamboree. We went for about three hours, until I got too hot and had to get back to the lovely air-conditioned house. It was lots of fun, though, and they raised lots of money for the local pregnancy crisis center.

Sunday was church in the morning, of course, and in the afternoon we were guests of honor at a baby shower thrown by the congregation. I haven't been a member of this church for five years, and Cowboy never has been, but they were amazingly generous toward us -- they really love my parents, that's for sure.

On Monday, um... what did we do Monday? Oh yeah, I spent the afternoon hanging out with Freestargirl and Jewels and their daughters.

Mom and Cowboy and I went up to the mountains on Tuesday and visited Carl Sandburg's home. Very nifty, as both Mom and I like his poetry, and I got to try out the new camcorder.

Yesterday, Cowboy left me :-( He's driving back to NC with all our baby gifts in the Tank's trunk. I was most sad.

Today is time to do laundry, write thank-you notes, and pack. Tomorrow I will fly out to LA for Recon! Woooo!

Oh, I have had one pregnancy complication arise because of this trip: I tend to retain water in my ankles and feet ever since the day we started driving down here. They get puffier throughout the day, but then they go back to normal every night. I'm drinking as much water and other fluids as I can to keep it manageable. I think a lot of it has to do with the heat too, as it was 105 here yesterday.


  1. Oh I thought you couldn't fly when you're pregnant, or at least that's what my husband said. (I'm not pregnant btw). I guess that's just some old theory?

  2. If you're having a complicated or "at risk" pregnancy, then flying isn't advisable. And if you're four weeks or less from your due date, you have to have signed permission from your doctor. Basically this is because flight attendants don't want to have to deliver a baby mid-flight. But if you're having a normal, healthy pregnancy and are more than four weeks away from your due date, it's safe to fly, as long as you remember to keep really well hydrated and get up and stretch and walk as much as possible to keep your blood from pooling in your feet and legs. But you should always talk to your doctor about it first.


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