Thursday, August 30, 2007

I got another new camera :-D This could become an addiction. Who am I kidding -- it's already an addiction. Anyway, this one is a Canon Powershot SD1000. My very first digital camera! If you don't count the DVD camera we got on vacation, but I haven't taken still photos with that, just movies.

Anyway, this camera is a gift from DKoren so I can keep her supplied with pics of Gumdrop once he arrives. I'm sure his grandparents will appreciate that as well :-)

I haven't actually gotten to play with my new camera yet, because I'm really tired these days -- I tend to nap or sleep in before I go to work, and then when I get home in the mornings I'm so wiped I just lie on the couch until Cowboy has supper finished (yes, he is the bestest husband ever!). But I'm off work tonight and tomorrow, so I plan to spend some significant time playing with the camera now.

I haven't actually named it yet -- I can't decide between 'Elrond,' 'Haldir,' and 'Glorfindel.' You see, this camera is a Digital ELPH, and those are my three favorite elves from The Lord of the Rings. Elrond is by far the coolest elf ever (IMHO), but I'm really fond of Haldir in the movies. Glorfindel is highly awesome in the books and I wish he hadn't been cut out of the movies. So I can't decide -- anyone have any thoughts or advice?

Oh, and I haven't named the dvd camera yet either, though I'm kind of thinking about 'Yakima,' after Yakima Canutt, who was a dear friend of John Wayne, an innovative stunt man, and assistant director/second unit director of some of my favorite movies ever (Ben-Hur, The Swiss Family Robinson, Where Eagles Dare, etc).

So yeah, now I have two 35mm SLRs, one 35mm point-and-shoot, one DVD camera, and one digital point-and-shoot. Holy camera collection, Batman, huh? :-D


  1. The unanimous vote from San Bernardino is for Elrond! :-D

  2. Well, Elrond is by far the coolest elf, and my favorite, but the camera is mostly gold with only a little black, so I'm leaning toward Haldir or Glorfindel. Still haven't decided.


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