Thursday, June 21, 2007

I finished making my baby books last week, so now I've started crocheting a baby blanket for Gumdrop. But I thought I'd tell you a little about the baby books and show you some sample pages. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to make four baby scrapbooks at once, since Cowboy and I would like to have up to four children. All four are basically the same, in that they have the same pages in the same order. But each individual page is unique, so that no two pages and no two baby books are identical. They might have slightly different wording or different scraps or stickers decorating them, or be on different kinds of background pages.

Some of the pages, like the Family Tree and the one about what the world is like when the baby is born, I can fill out before the actual birth. Others, like the Growth Chart and list of achievements, will obviously have to be filled out as the baby grows up (provided Mommy has time, hee hee).

Not all the pages have lots of writing on them or spaces to fill in, though. About half of them are designed for displaying photos, like for Christmas and birthdays, or just random photos. Since I'm a camera fiend, I figure I should manage to accrue enough cute pictures of all my kids to fill the pages up, even if it takes me until they're 18 to find time to put them all into the books. And there are blank pages at the back for whatever I want to add.

I've designed these books to take the child through the age of three, which is where I kind of think of babyhood as being officially over. I figure after that, maybe I'll start another scrapbook for each kid, one where they can make pages themselves. You know, fingerpaintings they've done, special art projects from elementary school like those turkey drawings where you trace around your hand, whatever. Or maybe that will end up being WAY too much work, and I'll just set up a photo album for each kid the way my parents did. They did a photo album for themselves and one for me and one for Johnnycake, so that they could have memories of our childhood and so could we. Which I think is pretty brilliant. Also a great way to use up extra photos, since my Dad is as much of a shutterbug as I am (maybe even more so!).

Anyway, you can click on each of these pictures to see a (much) bigger version of each page.

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  1. Aww those are cute! :D And wow 4 children! That will be a nice size though probably. I hear mother's get less ambitious over these things with each child lol. I guess you'll see.

    Mickel and I plan on having 2 kids, it's easier with traveling and all of that. Right now I'm just taking it easy though. Maybe next year we'll try, don't know.


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