Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I think I found what's been stinking up my kitchen for the past four days!

On Saturday morning, I noticed this peculiar smell when I came home from work. So we took out the trash. Sunday after church, the smell was still there. But there were a bunch of dirty dishes on the counter, so I thought that might be it. On Monday, however, there were no stinky dishes... but the kitchen still reeked. Mom suggested it might be a dead mouse, but I've smelled dead mice, and this was not that kind of smell. This was kind of sweet and rancid. So I thought maybe some piece of food had fallen through the top of the stove and was rotting under the burners. Tuesday morning, Cowboy opened the top of the stove. No weird food. But the smell was starting to permeate to the whole Crypt.

So this morning, I turned into a bloodhound, sniffing and silent. And I discovered that the can of liquid grease on the back of the stove was stinky. Quite stinky. About the same stinky as what I'd been smelling all week. I took it out to the dumpster and burned a candle in the kitchen. If it's still not stinky when we wake up tonight, we'll know I found the source of the stench. I sure hope so! I was beginning to fear we'd have to move the stove. Or that something had died in the fan above the stove, and we'd be stuck with the smell forever.


  1. So, what's the verdict? Was that it? If so... big yay for eliminating the stink!!

  2. Yup, that was it! No more stinky kitchen :-D


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