Wednesday, August 23, 2006

True Confessions Time again, folks. This time, it's about Rawhide. You see, Daddy sweetly surprised me with season one of Rawhide on dvd, and I'm discovering my allegiances in that show are shifting.

Up til now, I've been a Rowdy Girl all the way. But lately, well, I've started to spark after Gil Favor. I always knew Mr. Favor was supposed to be the star, that Rowdy Yates is just a secondary character, albeit one that would outshine the show eventually. But I never used to sympathize with Mr. Favor -- he always seemed so grouchy and uncooperative. Rowdy was full of juice and always getting into trouble, just like me. Plus, I cut some of my teeth on Clint Eastwood movies, so it was pretty natural of me to take a shine after his character.

But now, well, I dunno. Maybe it's that tight-wound little neckerchief Gil Favor wears. Maybe it's his swashbuckly chaps. Or the straight line his mouth makes when he's getting all determined about something. Mostly, I think, it's his upright insistence on doing the right thing, even when he has to do it in a slightly roundabout way. He reminds me a lot of Sgt. Saunders on Combat!

Oh, I'm still a rowdy girl (just ask Cowboy!). And a Rowdy fan, too. But I think Gil Favor is swiftly edging him out of first place in the Rawhide section of my heart.


  1. What? You like his neckerchief but not Nick's?? :-D

  2. Okay, I finally managed to find a picture of Gil Favor with his tightly-twisted neckerchief, but it's all grainy. I'll put it at the end of the post cuz Blogger won't let me put it here.

    See, it's totally different than Nick's. Nick's just looks dude-i-fied and... a little girly ::ducks for cover::

    Found this completely hilarious screen-grab site where someone has done shots from "Incident of the Coyote Weed", the first-season ep that Rick Jason is in (he plays Rivera). You have to check it out, because even if you haven't seen the ep or don't know the show at all, I think the snarky comments on all the shots will make you giggle.


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