Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I think I have just been stung by a bee. I'm not sure, because I've never been stung before. But there are these bumblebees living under our front step, and they never used to bother us, but this makes twice in a week that they have acted aggressively. I don't think they like loud buzzing sounds, because the first time one bothered me was when I was using the Leatherneck's jigsaw to cut tomato stakes (that's the problem with working third-shift: your vegetables sometimes become vampiric). And just now, our landlady was using the trimmer to trim the hedges of many small villages, er, I mean to trim by the sidewalk. And I was outside saying goodbye to Cowboy as he prepared to bike off into the sunset, and something landed on my arm. I don't have my contacts in yet, so I thought it was a fly and brushed it off before I really thought about it. And it was a bee, and it flew back at me making angry noises and I said, "Cowboy! Cowboy I'm under attack! Mayday!" and it flew at my face and stung me on the cheek. At least, my cheek began to sting, but not very much. Not nearly as much as I'd imagined for 26 years. So I said, sounding very surprised, "I think I've just been stung!" and ran back inside.

It's not swelling up, although it's a little bit red and now feels just kind of hot. So the good news is that if I did get stung, it seems I'm not allergic to them like some of my familial types are.

But I think something needs to be done about those bees under our front step. I shall have to consult Mr. O'Hara.


  1. Now get stung by a hornet so I can vicariously get over all my fear of bees and things. I'm so fearful around them I've never been stung.

  2. No previous stings? Wow! How do you guys get so lucky? I've been stung at least 9 times, mostly by honeybees and hornets. Never a bumblebee, so I can't tell you what those are like. I actually find the honeybee sting way worse than the hornet. The last time I got stung (just a few years back) on my foot it swelled up so badly I couldn't walk or touch it, just had to keep it super-elevated. Hope it's not bothering you.

  3. I have been informed by Cowboy that I was not stung by a bee, I was bitten by a fly that masquerades as a bee.

    So I still have never been stung by a bee or a wasp or a hornet. I, like Noumenon, am so afraid of them, I simply run away as fast as possible when they appear. Don't worry, Noumenon, we're in good company -- Shakira has never been stung either!

  4. Well, quite glad you weren't stung! Cuz it's no fun!

    You know, I've never been stung by a bee or hornet I saw beforehand. The ones you see aren't the ones you have to watch out for (most of the time!).


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