Thursday, January 05, 2006

I have decided that maybe having Viggo Mortensen play Aragorn is okay after all. This is thanks to Noumenon's comment that in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Peter "gets to be the king and general just cause he's the oldest and prettiest male."

See, I've always thought that Oded Fehr should have played Aragorn. He's just so bloody lovely in the two Mummy movies, and obviously can do the whole horse-riding, sword-fighting, army-leading thing quite nicely. Plus, he looks great with the long hair, he can pull of the scruffy ever since opening night of Fellowship of the Ring back in 2001, I've disliked Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn and wished they'd cast Oded Fehr instead.

But Noumenon has a point. If Fehr had played Aragorn, there would be a tendency to believe he gets to be king in the end because he's just so bloody lovely. Which would kind of cheapen the character in a way, letting people focus on his hottiness instead of on his sterling character qualities (like what happens with Orli playing Legolas, you know?).

Plus, if I had Oded Fehr to watch, I might be tempted to tear my gaze away from my dearest Boromir, which would be tragic. Sean Bean's had to share me with Harrison Ford and Pierce Brosnan already, so it's about time he plays someone I can give my undivided attention to.

I still wish Viggo Mortensen had a better shouting voice, though. And that Aragorn didn't wear pajamas to councils of war.


  1. When I think of beauty in Tolkien I usually think "great and terrible" instead of "hottie."

    My favorite Aragorn scene, where he and Gandalf discuss the big issues right after Merry steals the Palantir, that might not work so well with Oded. I hope someday in the future they have movies where you can choose your own leads. George Lucas pretty much has the art of filming his movie and then inserting actors via blue screen; all we'd need to do is insert several different actors. Then we could see the Portia de Rossi-as-Amidala version of Star Wars and compare and contrast.

  2. When I think of beauty in Tolkien I usually think "great and terrible" instead of "hottie."

    Wanting to cast Oded Fehr as Aragorn wasn't solely about the hottie factor :-D Cowboy agreed he would have been totally cool in the role.


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