Thursday, January 12, 2006

Amazingly enough, although I haven't watched an ep of Firefly for an entire week now, it's still clicking around in my brain a LOT. So since I'm in the mood, here are two lists of my favorite Firefly-related things...

My Three Favorite Eps
1. "Out of Gas"
2. "Jaynestown"
3. "Objects in Space"

My Favorite Characters
1. Mal
2. River & Kaylee
3. Jayne
4. Simon & Wash
5. Zoe
6. Book
7. Inara

I like Mal best for rather obvious reasons, I suppose. I mean, he fits the mold of guys that I like: he's broody, handsome, broad-shouldered, wears a holster...what's not to love?

As for River and Kaylee, I probably identify with them the most. River's not like the people around her, she has trouble communicating with them sometimes, and she has a reeeally close relationship with her brother, all like me. Kaylee is very cheerful most of the time, and likes to cheer people up and decorate her surroundings, all very me.

Jayne, well, what can I say? He's a total rogue, goes rather evil now and then, has some of the absolute funniest lines in the whole show...I think if I got to play a character, he would be the most fun.

I didn't really like Simon at first, cuz he's all snotty and preppy. But there's a scene in a later episode, "Trash", between Simon and Jayne that 100% reversed my opinion on Simon and made me like him a lot (for fear of spoiling this ep for DKoren, I can't say more than that). And in the movie, he's pretty cool. Wash, on the other hand, I liked a lot from scene one. He's hilarious!

You'd think I'd like Zoe more than I do. I mean, she's a warrior chick who gets to shoot guns and yell at poeple. Just like I always want to do, right? But somehow I never quite connect with her character, she just doesn't keep my emotions interested.

Book has the same problem. He's cool, no doubt about that. He's a Shepherd with a mysterious background, obvious knowledge of Alliance ways...but he never grabs hold of my attention for very long.

And Inara, well, she's just kind of boring, isn't she? Her character doesn't go anywhere until the very very very end of the movie Serenity, and even then she doesn't grow much. She's just always around, being alluring and knowledgeful and helpful.

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