Sunday, December 11, 2005

My dad would say this is "indicative of our society". I just call it sad. On the radio the other morning, a dj listed off the top ten most-recorded Christmas songs from the last five years. Only one of them was a song about the birth of Christ: "The Little Drummer Boy". And it came in at number ten. The rest of them were all secular, about snow and Santa and such.

So anyway, here are my Top Ten Favorite Christmas Songs:

10. "Pas de Deux" from The Nutcracker
9. "Silver Bells"
8. "Once in Royal David's City"
7. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
6. "If Every Day was Like Christmas"
5. "White Christmas"
4. "Go Tell it on the Mountain"
3. "Angels We Have Heard on High"
2. "What Child is This"
1. "Carol of the Bells"

Hmm. Seems like I'm half-and-half, huh?


  1. I thought that was going to be hard, picking Christmas carols, but really, I found I always come back to the same ones, mostly the ones I sang in choir that I liked. It appears I'm very traditional in my choices. Or old-fashioned, I guess.

    10. Silver bells
    9. Do you hear what I hear
    8. White Christmas
    7. Silent night
    6. We three men of orient are
    5 .What child is this
    4. The first noel
    3. Angels we have heard on high
    2. Adeste Fideles (O Come all ye faithful)
    1. O Holy Night

  2. You're right about "Angels We Have Heard On High" and "Carol of the Bells," but don't you like "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas"? My most sung Christmas tune. I also like "We Three Kings" and one nobody mentioned yet, "Joy to the World," especially the basses' drumbeat in the chorus.

  3. Dkoren--is that a submariney Dana Andrews I spy in your user pic? Wooo! And wow, I've always thought of myself as traditional and you as...Californian. But your Christmas Carol list is way more traditional than mine!

    Noumie--you lie! Your most-sung Christmas tune is "I Want a Sissypotamus for Christmas". I really like "We Three Kings" too, but I was just doing a top ten, and that's somewhere around 12 for for "Joy to the World", it can be lovely or it can be hackneyed. I'm shwaffly on it.


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