Thursday, September 01, 2005

Is it just me, or are we experiencing a dearth of good romantic comedies lately? I just got back from Must Love Dogs, which I expected to like, because after all, who can resist the combination of John Cusack and puppies? Well, fine, I suppose there are plenty of people who can resist that. After all, the world is full of curmudgeons. But I am not one of them! I love John Cusack, I love dogs...I should love this movie. Right?

That's what I thought. And honestly, if there had been more puppies and more of John Cusack stalking about in his swooshy long black coat...and less Diane Lane curled up in a comforter sipping tea and looking exotically frumpy, I probably would have loved the movie. Or even if there had been more Stockard Channing and Christopher Plummer. Or if John Cusack had at least gotten to be happy for more than five minutes here or there. I mean, I love broody boys, don't get me wrong. After all, who's the pathetic girlie who swoons over Angel every chance she gets, right? Really, if John Cusack had just walked back and forth in front of the camera for 90 minutes, wearing that long black coat, grinning shyly now and then...I'd shell out $7.50 for that.

But this movie had a serious shortcoming: too much dithering. No one could decide what they wanted! Even John Cusack's character changed his mind several times. At least we had some good character development in this one, not like My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the bridegroom never got to move past Nice Guy Who Understands. But the pigheaded blindness of the female character in Must Love Dogs was on a scale of Julianne Moore in Laws of Attraction. Couple that with about eighteen Awkward just got messy. And did I mention John Cusack spent too much time off-screen?

My point is this: what happened to really great romantic comedies? Where did they go? Where's the Sleepless in Seattle, the While You Were Sleeping, the You've Got Mail for today? I mean, since What Women Want, Someone Like You, and I suppose Bridget Jones's Diary, I haven't seen a decent new romantic comedy. Why? Have they all been made now? Are we doomed to drivel from here on out?

Oh yeah, other big drawback for Must Love Dogs: Dermot Mulroney. Blech. The crooked smile works for Harrison Ford, not for you buddy. You just look conniving. I suppose that's okay if you want to play untrustworthy cads for the rest of your life.

Also, why is it so hard to find pics of John Cusack in the sexy black swoosh coat? I wanted to link to at least one.

Sigh. I suppose this is why God gave me Combat!, isn't it. So I can come home to my brand-new dvds of Season 5, curl up in my purple "Love me, love my sergeant" t-shirt, and savor a brand-new-to-me episode. At least some things in my life can be depended upon to satisfy.


  1. So season 5 did arrive! Yay! I still love your t-shirt. Way cool.

    Would you believe of all those romantic comedies you mention, I've only seen one of them? Bridget Jones's Diary? And that was only because I got dragged to the theater by friends. I don't think I've even seen John Cusack in a movie! Ever! I know who he is, but that's it. Sort of a large gaping hole in the movies I watch, isn't it!

  2. I take it back - I just checked IMDB and I have seen him in one movie -- "Stand by Me." Which I didn't even know he was in!

  3. Dude, I didn't know John Cusack was in Stand By Me! I should see that, I guess. He must be totally young in it.

    If you want to see some good John Cusack movies, I think you'd like The Journey of Natty Gann, Con Air, Runaway Jury, and Grosse Pointe Blank. I do NOT recommend Being John Malkovich, and I wasn't that impressed by High Fidelity. Serendipity was okay, but aggravating.

    Well, of those good romantic comedies I listed, Bridget Jones's Diary is my least-favorite. In fact, I don't even have it anymore. The books were a lot better.

    Maybe I should do a list of my fave romantic comedies...


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