Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I finally named my bike. Actually, I named it a week ago, but I didn't want to blog about it until I was sure I'd found the right name. Dragonfly. It came to me when I was pondering how to decorate the tote bag I'd just made for it.

See, I have this passion for making stuff. I particularly like to make new stuff out of old stuff. So in this case, I took an old pair of my jeans that had many holes in them, several in places that prohibit me from wearing them in public anymore. I cut off the top of the jeans, just below the back pockets, and sewed up the part I'd cut, making a nice bag. Roomy enough to carry 6 videos or medium-sized books, or lots and lots of dvds and cds. Since most of my solo bike trips are to the library or video store, I figure this is a good way to measure the size.

I knew I wanted to decorate it with some sort of beaded design on the front, so I started looking through my beadbox for inspiration. And inside my beadbox I have some little metal charms left over from when I was made a similar bag a couple years ago for my mom to carry her teacherly books to and from school. One of the charms was, you guessed it, a dragonfly. And I started remembering how in highschool, Freestargirl loved butterflies, Jewels loved ladybugs, and I kinda liked dragonflies. And then it came to me: not only would I do a beaded dragonfly on my totebag, I'd put the words "Fly with the dragons" on the other side. And that is when I realized my bike should be named Dragonfly.

The bag is working out really well--I've used it several times now. I attached it by the belt loops to my handlebars with pieces of suede lacing (my family calls the stuff 'yang', but I don't know if that's its real name or just another of our weird terms for things), and it's very handy. Especially all the pockets.


  1. I find it fascinating that every single writer I know is fabulously creative in multiple other ways. I dig it. Dragonfly's a great name, too.

    So, you name many things, then, I take it? I remember reading your old journal entries and getting worried, wondering who Gabriel was... then I read far enough back and found it was a camera! I think it's cool, just very unfamiliar to me

    I've never had anything named until a couple years ago, my car got named when my sister joined up with her significant other and every car in his family was named. We all ended up with names for our cars, and since it was LOTR craze time, every single car got a LOTR name. Mine ended up as Legolas, because it's a silver jetta wagon that we always joke goes on top of snow, but not through it, and my best friend Shadow had a red Toyota 4Runner that was a perfect Gimli. There's a Quickbeam and Shadowfax with my sister, and my parent's cars even got named, though I can't for the life of me remember what they are now. Though I must admit I never remember my car's named until someone down south reminds me of it.

  2. Giggle giggle, you got worried about Gabriel? Lol! Glad you finally found out he's a camera! Matter of fact, I had him out yesterday and my durned batteries had gone dead. Had to take Marlowe with me on a photo shoot instead...and I'm glad I did, because I think I've finally gotten the whole aperture-setting and shutter-speed thing down now. Sometimes I get confused...

    Yeah, I name a lot of stuff. Our computer is named Domino because the monitor is white but the rest of it is black. Our car is, boringly, The Bubble Car, but I don't usually call it by its name, that's how my friend ED refers to it. She named her car The Red Pearl.

    Let's see, computer names I've known in the past: The LM (pronounced 'lem', ala NASAspeak; my bro and I were really into Apollo 13 at that point), CapCom (again with the A13 craze), ED had a laptop named Genevieve, and our friend TSR had a laptop we named Arthur (I think because of the scene in A Hard Day's Night where the reporter asks Ringo, "What do you call that hairstyle?" and Ringo replies, "Arthur."

    Previous bike names include Brumby and Sweet Thunder.

    Sometimes Satchel in Get Fuzzy really reminds me of me...he even names lamps and rugs...


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