Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I love my drive home from work. It's full of trees, farms, and gently rolling hills. In the summer, it reminds me of back home in the Brushies of NC, except not quite as mountainous. But there are enough bluffs around that I can almost believe I'm home sometimes. The trees are lush, and when it rains they look ancient and young at the same time. And in the winter, the snow makes the bare branches look like something from a fantasy movie--glimmery and crystalline and fragile. I only get to enjoy it on the way home though, because it's dark outside when I go to work. In the winter, after Christmas, sometimes we go on short hours and then I'm driving home before it gets light and I don't get to enjoy the scenery at all.

There's only thing I don't like about my drive: deer are everywhere!!!! Okay, maybe not everywhere, but I see at least one a week, and during the spring and fall it's more like one a night. So far I haven't hit any, and I hope God keeps it that way. I think it helps that I don't speed. I have enough reaction time to slow down or swerve when necessary.

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