Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cowboy got some scar tissue and a mole removed from his chin this week. I'm hoping the horizontal incision and stitches will leave him with a sexy scar like Harrison Ford's. But knowing Cowboy's uncanny healing powers, he'll probably have no scar. Maybe I should change his nickname to Wolverine.

ED and I went to see Batman Begins last night. She loved it, of course. She thinks it's as good as X2. I think it's about as good as X-Men, but not as good as X2. I like it better than both Spider-man and Spider-man 2 though.

My Mom is coming to visit us next week. She's flying in on Tuesday, so if I'm suddenly silent for about a week, that'll be why. I haven't seen her since last July, so I'm really looking forward to her arrival :-) And Cowboy is so sweet about it too--he gets along pretty well with her, which is great. He's always really cool about having my brother over here during my bro's college breaks too.

I seem to have a giant bruise on my left knee, but it doesn't hurt when I poke it, and I have no idea how it got there.

I'm very very very stuck in my novel right now. Every time I think I'm getting somewhere, I bog down and end up hating what I wrote. Grr. Plus, I'm kinda stuck in my current Combat! fanfic story too. Not as badly though.

Sad news: Civil War historian/writer Shelby Foote died on Monday :-(

Cowboy is still asleep. We've been married 3 years, and I can still be amazed by his ability to sleep forever and ever. We were up late today--didn't get to sleep until noon. I woke up at 9pm, and I've been doing email and stuff since then. And I watched the pilot ep of NYPD Blue. I got the first disc of season one from the library, because I've kinda fallen in love with a certain redheaded actor that plays a cop on CSI: I wanted to see his earlier work. Actually, I've found a couple David Caruso movies and watched them already, some of them inadvertantly (didja know he's in the first Rambo movie?) I think I need to check more info on this dvd set though, because...yeah, I don't think they aired all that stuff in the pilot on tv. Maybe they released both an unrated and a tv-cut version? Then again, I seem to recall it being called TV's first R-rated show, or something like that. I was 13 when it first aired, and not watching mainstream tv. Anyway, if the other 3 eps on this first disc are as...skanky as the first one, I might just decide I don't like David Caruso enough to watch more. Plus, it's only a couple months until the new season of CSI: Miami starts up (and NCIS, which I like even more!)

The first season of Remington Steele is coming out on dvd next month! I've only ever seen the pilot ep, and it's magnificent, of course. How can it not be? It's Pierce Brosnan, being roguish and charming!

Cowboy just woke up. Hooray!

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