Saturday, May 14, 2005

Week Two is over! It got off to a really bad start, when Banana and her husband (new nickname being considered for him) didn't come to pick me up on Sunday to take me to meet the coach bus. I tried calling their house and their cellphone, but they never answered. I still don't know what happened to them. Cowboy had to call in to work and tell them he'd be late so he could take me. I ended up being almost 10 minutes late, and I got yelled at by a deputy sheriff. You see, if we don't show up, they can legally put out a warrant for our arrest...

The rest of the week was better. I'd baked brownies for everyone, since most of the jurors except myself and the Token Male are mothers, and it was Mother's Day when we reassembled. So they forgave me for being a little late ;-)

We've lost one juror: one woman's husband got severely ill last weekend (he just got out of the hospital again on Friday, I think it was). So we're down to 13. Good thing none of us are superstitious!

We got to go on a field trip one day after court! We all went to a local art museum, which ordinarily closes at 4pm. They reopened it just for us, so we had the whole place to ourselves. That was pretty groovy.

It's rained almost every day this week, which curtailed our after-supper walks. We've managed to walk a bit after lunch quite often though; it rains more in the evening than the afternoon. I got to see The Terminal for the first time, which was fairly good. We also watched Runaway Jury and I, Robot, both of which I like a lot.

You know how I said the defense attorney seemed nice? Hah! He's vituperative in court! Maybe in real life he's nice, but he really lays into some of those witnesses. I keep expecting the DA to say, "Objection! Counsel is badgering the witness!" but they don't. Maybe it's only on Perry Mason that you can object to badgering.

They're feeding us far too well. I haven't gained any weight yet, but I think that's because I've been doing yoga in my room 3 times a week, taking daily walks, and swimming in the lovely hotel pool. And trying to make sensible food choices, like having granola cereal for breakfast instead of a Belgian waffle. But when we order lunch from Schlotzky's Deli, I just have to have a pastrami reuben, you know?

I've made two awesome friends: N, who is probably in her upper 40's; and V, who is in her lower 70's. The three of us hang out quite a bit, like when we go on walks or while we're riding the bus to and from the courthouse. The Token Male and I hang out some too, mostly because I'm the only one near his age and therefore the only one that doesn't try to mother him and tell him what to do all the time.

The judge told us on Friday that we are staying on schedule really well, and he anticipates only 2 more weeks...we're probably half done!


  1. Ummm, somehow sorry and oops doesn't quite seem enough. Of course, seeing as how the expanation: ( It just totally slipped our minds), doesn't sound so great either....

    But I'm pretty sure that the deputy wouldn't have you spend the night in jail, he might have been peeved to no end I'm sure.

    Scruffy, that's the other nickname...

  2. It's okay, I've forgiven you :-)

    But you still get saddled with a new nickname. Scruffy, huh? You know what that makes me think of? Nerf herder! Heh heh, I think that's gonna be it.

    Banana and the Nerf Herder. Has a nice ring, dontcha think?

    I know, I'm cruel.


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