Friday, May 20, 2005

Week Three was really really short! On Tuesday, our thoughtful judge told us that we could have a 3-day-weekend, and go home on Thursday afternoon instead of Friday. Why? Because Wednesday, the State rested its case, and the defense rested its case on Thursday morning. So I got home yesterday afternoon!

Next week we'll hear closing arguments, get jury instructions, and then begin deliberations! The judge has decided to only allow 12 jurors to deliberate, so after the closing arguments, they'll choose one of us randomly (basically pick one name out of the hat), and that juror will be semi-excused. They still have to hang around, but I guess they'll have limited freedom (like be allowed to go to the mall across the street, and maybe to the amazing 3-story county library just down the block that I have been aching to explore).

I'm not sure if I'm hoping to be in on the deliberations or not. I think that if I'm the one pulled out, I'll feel like I haven't gotten the full jury experience. But at the same time, it would probably be a big relief not to have to make such a huge decision. We won't have anything to do with sentencing, just deciding "guilty" or "not guilty", but it's still a big thing to decide. And I have no idea how long deliberations will take. We all get along pretty well so far, but we're a pretty diverse group, so who knows!

We got another outing this week! On Monday night, we all went bowling with our hotel-bailiffs. I bowled 66 the first game and 79 the second, which is pretty typical for me. We had really gloomy weather this week again, but we were able to go on our after-supper strolls most evenings. I only did yoga twice, which I suppose was okay considering I was there for a shortened week. But I've mysteriously gained 5 pounds, even though I ate more sensibly this week and snacked a lot less. Grr.

I've only got about 100 pages left to read in the Iliad, so I might at least get that finished. But I'm having too much fun in the evenings to work on my novel much, or my fanfic!

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