Thursday, May 26, 2005

I've got just a couple more thoughts on the trial that I want to post while they're fresh in my mind.

First, all the evidence in this case was circumstantial. There were no fingerprints, no conclusive footprints, no eyewitnesses. There were some footprints found and analyzed, and some fingerprints too. But none of them were conclusive--the fingerprints weren't even admitted as evidence. So this made our deliberations a lot tougher.

Second, here's my favorite quotation from the whole case. It's from when the defense attorney was cross-examining a witness who could remember most things from his contact with the defendant very clearly, but not everything. Finally, in exasperation, the defense attorney asked the witness: "Well, what are all the things that you don't remember?" Even the judge cracked up on that one!

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