Tuesday, April 19, 2005

GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I've been summoned for jury duty! Okay, I've always thought that being on a jury might be kinda cool, and also, it's my civic duty, right? BUT if I'm chosen to be on this jury, I'll be sequestered for 6-8 weeks! That's not so cool! I'll miss my Cowboy! Cowboy will miss me! And what if he forgets to feed my Betta fish, Archie Goodwin? When I read my summons last night, I began to wig out. Images filled my brain from every courtroom movie and tv show I've ever seen. I caught snatches of Perry Mason glaring at Mr. Berger...Gunn talking legalese to Angel...Matthew McConaughey making an impassioned plea...John Cusack on a jury...oooh, John Cusack on a jury! Hey, might not be so bad after all...but then I got Henry Fonda pounding on a table...Gene Hackman intimidating my family...

And then I went to work. Suddenly the idea of spending 6-8 weeks sequestered in a hotel room, reading things like War and Peace because I'd finally have time...that doesn't sound so bad! Six to eight weeks away from The Salt Mines! Hey, I could dig that.

So now that I'm kinda half-hoping I'll get on the jury, I probably won't.

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  1. WILL be sequestered. I think it's because it's a Circuit Court case, so jurors will be coming from all over. Like, I live 3 hours or so away from the place where the trial's supposed to take place.

    Wal-Mart would pay me my full wages, for my full 40-hour week, just as if I was still at work. Anything the state pays me would be mine to keep on top of that. Totally groovy.

    I've always been interested in jury duty too. My mom was on a minor kind of case for like a week when I was in high school, and she found it fascinating.


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