Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Several different people at my job have, over the past 16 months, told me that I read books the way they watch movies (I read on my hour-long lunch in the breakroom). I just remembered that Professor Czer, my lit prof and advisor, once told me I watch movies the way she reads books. Hmmm.

I think I know what my coworkers mean--I react to books the way they react to movies. I laugh, sometimes out loud, when I'm reading, and I've been known to cry too (for instance, while reading the fifth Harry Potter book when Sirius Black died), for all the breakroom's inhabitants to see. So they mean I interact with books more than they're used to.

But what did Czer mean? I don't even think I've watched a whole movie with her. Sure, we watched bits of Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing in her lit classes (several times, over the years). I suppose she meant I talk about movies the way she talks about books--I delve into the characters and plots and scrutinize them. I don't just sit there and let the images wash over me. Hmmm.


  1. You could ask her...http://www.blc.edu/search/?id=2280&cmd=compose . I nearly did but decided I shouldn't connect your name with your blog.


  2. Yeah, I could email her and ask her...I do still have her email addy. Guess I'm not curious enough at the moment; it was just something to muse on. Maybe sometime when I write her about something else, I'll mention it.

  3. Yes, you do watch movies AND read books much differently than most people do. I think your father taught you to be very discerning when you watch or read and to scrutinize the characters and plots. He just carries it a little too far.....

    And of course your mother does a lot of REACTING to books and movies, so maybe she set an example for that.
    But you are your own person and you do everything in your own very individual way. You immerse yourself in the books you read and the movies you watch so completely that quite often you are completely oblivious to the world around you. I've seen that happen hundreds of times. And that's what your coworkers are observing in you.

    never change, my dear daughter.



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