Sunday, October 17, 2004

A commenter has noted that for someone who adores old movies, my Top Ten list of favorite movies seems pretty accessible and modern. So I'm here expanding it to Top'll give you an even better idea of my tastes...if you care...

My Top Thirty Favorite Movies Of All Time

30. The Trouble with Harry
29. The Shiek
28. The Mask of Zorro
27. The Patriot (the Mel Gibson movie, not the Steven Seagal one)
26. Witness
25. X-2: X-Men United
24. 10 Things I Hate About You
23. The Great Escape
22. The Man Without a Face
21. Moonstruck
20. Chocolat
19. Ben-Hur
18. Tombstone
17. We're No Angels
16. The Searchers
15. Silverado
14. Operation Pacific
13. The Magnificent Seven
12. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (okay, this is 3 movies, but one entity)
11. Charade
10. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
9. Moulin Rouge!
8. While You Were Sleeping
7. Guys and Dolls
6. Conspiracy Theory
5. An American in Paris
4. The Princess Bride
3. The Sons of Katie Elder
2. The Fugitive
1. The Man from Snowy River


  1. Which one? The 1937 Frank Capra movie starring the delectable Ronald Colman, or the 1973 fantasy muscial with John Gielgud and Michael York? Cuz I haven't seen either of those, but they both look cool...


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