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The "Flaming Hot... Five Reasons Why" Tag

Sally Silverscreen of 18 Cinema Lane tagged me with the "Flaming Hot.... Five Reasons Why" tag.  Thanks, Sally!  You know I do enjoy blog tags :-D

The Rules:
  • You must add the name of the blog that tagged you AND those of the Thoughts All Sorts and Realweegiemidget Reviews with links to ALL these sites.. and use the natty cat themed picture promoting this post. This picture is found later in this post… 
  • List 5 of your all-time swoon-worthy characters from TV or Film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection. And do mention the actor or actress who plays them, as you might like James Bond as played by Timothy Dalton and no one else, etc., etc. 
  • Add 5 reasons why you love them, in five sentences.
  • Link to 5 other bloggers. 
  • Add lovely pictures, gifs or videos of those you selected. 
  • Oh…and post these rules.

Sooooo, I'm going to list these guys in the order in which they arrived in my life.  I'll try to keep my gushing to the required 5 sentences ;-)

Sergeant Saunders (Vic Morrow) on Combat! (1962-67)

My beloved Saunders is devastatingly attractive, but in an unconventional way.  

A lot of the time, he just looks like a kind of scruffy nobody, especially in still photos (except these, which really do capture his gorgeousness).  But when you see him in action, he's mesmerizing.

I think it's the intensity.  He's burning so brightly inside that you can't look away, and that inner fire is... unavoidably attractive.

Wolverine/Logan (Hugh Jackman) in the X-men movies

My darling Wolvie is the best there is at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice.  Except when what he does is very, very nice indeed, and then I fall in love with him even farther.

It's that juxtaposition of feral and tender that makes him so fascinating to me.

Doesn't hurt that Hugh Jackman is unrelentingly handsome, of course.  But I loved Wolvie in the comic books before the movies even came out, so Hugh's deliciousness is just a sort of bonus, not what makes me swoon over the character.

Angel (David Boreanaz) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) and Angel (1999-2004)

Is it the pensive face?

The never-ending shoulders?

The classic tall-dark-and-handsome good looks?  Those all help a lot, for sure, but once again, it's who Angel IS that weakens my knees.  Even if he wasn't played by the achingly gorgeous David Boreanaz, this vampire with a soul who champions the hopeless would still entrance me. 

James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway) on Lost (2004-2010)

Sawyer is the one guy here that I didn't WANT to love.  He starts off the show as a complete loser, and I was convinced I could never like him for approximately two whole episodes... and then, the layers appeared.

Sawyer is more than just a handsome face, scruffy beard, long hair, and delicious Southern accent (and it's real, not fake, nom nom nom).  He also reads constantly, is completely devoted to refusing to let anyone ever like him at all, and has an anti-hero complex just begging to be disputed.

And he has dimples -- what more can I say?

Shane (Alan Ladd) in Shane (1953)

One of the things I like best about Alan Ladd's portrayal of Shane is how still and quiet he is.

He never wastes anything: not movement, not words, not a thing.  But that means that every glance and smile and line of dialog counts extra.

And Ladd's eloquent eyes, shy smiles, assured movements, and quiet words all combine gloriously in one unforgettable performance.  Handsome, magnetic, charismatic, mesmerizing -- no description does him justice in this film.

Well, there you have my five!  I'm supposed to tag five bloggers, so I hereby tag:

Chloe the Movie Critic at Movies Meet Their Match
Rebecca at Taking Up Room
Skye at Ink Castles

Play if you want to!


  1. My heartbeat remained normal as I read this post...until I got to the last character on your list. 😁 I just love him!!!

    1. Eva, awww, yeah, he is just something extra special, isn't he?

  2. This was a delight to read! I love the enthusiasm which which you describe your favorite leading men. Thanks so much for the tag--I can't wait to write up my answers!! :D

    1. Thanks, Katie! I do hold all five of them in high esteem ;-)

  3. It's cool that you included two of my heroes from my youth, Sgt. Saunders and Shane! Anyway, this is a cool tag, although I am not sure I could do it. Three to four out of my five characters would be played by the same actress!

    1. Terence, that's so cool you had Saunders and Shane as heroes when you were young! Saunders has been my hero and a huge influence on my life since I was 14 <3 Shane is a much more recent favorite, but very dear.

      I could have just done characters played by Alan Ladd, or only characters played by Hugh Jackman. I kind of toyed with both those ideas, lol!

  4. Thank you for posting those pics and texts about Alan Ladd – you're so right, those eyes, the laid back style, the glances, the smile, the quiet dialogue, even the pauses, when nothing is said or done but we understand what he's thinking, hoping, fearing... there are not enough expressions to do him justice in this film! 70 years and the movie has lost nothing of its magnetism for me (released 1953)!

    1. Andrea! Hello! Happy new year!!! It's lovely to hear form you again.

      You're right, this is the 70th anniversary of Shane's release. Hmm. I might have to celebrate that somehow....

    2. Oh my word, I just looked it up, and Shane was released on my birthday. That's it, I'm holding a blogathon to celebrate it.

    3. Happy new year, Rachel – "Shane" released on your birthday?!! That's AWESOME! Wow!!! I just googled it – that would be in April? A "Shane" blogathon – my, I'll have to polish my English, because I'd so like to participate, i.e. submit a contribution... even in a language which isn't my mother tongue (gosh, I'm getting the jitters just thinking of it – but I guess I couldn't resist...)

    4. Andrea, yup, toward the end of April. I'll be announcing the blogathon this week... possibly tomorrow! If you would like to participate, but don't have a blog, one option would be for me to put your contribution up here as a Guest Post. I've done that a few times in the past -- check out this post and this post to see how that works.

    5. Thanks, Rachel – I am so NOT a digital native that I wouldn't know how it works – should I do the contribution on MY (old...) Mac Pro, if yes, how, don't even know exactly how to use photos or screencaps... I am really ashamed, I should know about these things...

    6. ... and now I'm afraid my questions landed in your spam box because I can't see what I just wrote...

    7. ... of course, I should have read what is written below – posts older than 7 days on moderation, that's why I can't see what I just wrote. Silly me. – I'm glad I mentioned the "70th anniversary of the release" – the "Shades of Shane" blogathon is what I need, something uplifting, since the year began horrifically, with me suffering a very bad fall (right under a bus, I was very lucky)...

    8. Andrea, yeah, you figured it out -- I have to "approve" comments on older posts because it helps reduce spambot comments. I okay them as soon as I see them, but that's just whenever I check my email next.

      So sorry to hear about your fall! My goodness, that sound sso scary!

  5. I'm a Wolverine fan too! There's a perpetual grassroots movement here in Alberta to have a statue erected of Wolverine, since he was born in the area which was then the Northwest Territories of Canada but is now the province of Alberta. Maybe some day?

    1. Debra, aww, if there was a statue of Wolvie in Alberta I would add it to my bucket list! That's such a fun idea :-)

  6. I never saw this post! How could I miss this?? I only saw it because Charles Baker Harris had you linked. :-D No surprises in your choices, that's for sure! I love all those swoonworthy pictures.

    1. Anonymous, well, I'm glad Charles Baker Harris linked back to me, then! Nope, no surprises here -- I'm pretty voluble about my fictional darlings ;-)

  7. Thanks for the tag! I had fun putting it together yesterday! I don't know any of these characters personally, but I really want to meet Wolverine. And you, know, one of these days I'm going to meet Shane... I think I'd like Lost, too! Sawyer seems like one of my favorite kinds of characters.

    1. You're welcome, Chloe! I will have to pop over and check out your answers.

      Wolverine is easier to love in the movies than the comics, I think. Or, it's easier to fall for him quickly, anyway. Hugh Jackman being entirely too handsome for the role, and all.

      I do hope you like Shane and Sawyer, should you meet them!


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