Friday, June 10, 2022

Mad About Ladd Tag

This tag originated a couple of years ago on Gabriela's blog Pale Writer.  I was tagged for it just recently by Gill from ReelWeegieMidget Reviews.  You know I can't resist sharing pictures and gifs of Alan Ladd, or rhapsodizing about him, so... here we are.

The Rules 
  • Please add the name of the person/blogger who tagged you as well as a link to their blog and my blog (Pale Writer) ( I said blog a lot there), and my original post. 
  • Please post your four favourite pictures of Alan Ladd as well as your favourite gif. 
  • Say why you love these four pictures and this gif. 
  • Tag four other bloggers/people who are part of the classic film blog world or film community on Twitter. 
  • And please circulate the rules.

Right!  I think I can handle that ;-)

Okay, here are my four favorite pictures of Alan Ladd:

I bought this picture on eBay and have it framed and displayed in my bedroom.  (Yes, my husband is okay with this.)  I adore this shot because it's such a sweet, natural smile from him -- unlike in a lot of smiling promo photos, he looks genuinely happy here.  This has been my phone screen background for several years now, too, ever since I bought it.  It always makes me smile.

You might recognize this one from a header I have had for this blog a couple times.  I like the sort of casual pose, the peek at his cowboy boots, and the fact that the wind messed his hair up.  Also, again with a really cheerful, genuine smile -- I am always a sucker for those.  Alan loved being at his ranch, Alsulana, which I suspect is where this was taken.  And hey, look, you can see his actual wedding ring, not the big clunky thing he wore over it during movies!

Uh, yeah, who wouldn't swoon over this photo?  WOWSA.  The flipped collar, the perfect hair, the effortless beauty of that face, the shadowy lighting... I have a print of this one hanging in my bedroom too.  (Before you start to think I have an Alan Ladd shrine, please know I have quite a few shots of other actors and actresses mixed in here and there too...)

Finally, this funny shot of Alan clowning around on a bicycle is so sweet and carefree!  Just a quick moment someone snapped of a natural athlete being silly, and the athlete also happens to be a famous movie star.

And, here is my favorite Alan Ladd .gif.  I made it myself after watching Her First Romance (1940) because it's just such a cute little moment from Alan.  His character was just given the cold shoulder, and his shivery reaction cracks me up!

Now for tagging people.  They might have done this already, but I know that Jocelyn of Classic Film Observations and Obsessions and VT Dorchester are both Alan Ladd fans, so I'm going to tag them.  And I'll tag Eva of The Caffeinated Fangirl too because she's shared a lot of Alan Ladd love with me lately.  As for a fourth... hmmm... I suspect Phyl at Phyllis Loves Classic Movies may have some favorite Alan Ladd pictures to share.

Play if you want to!  Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks for joining in, I know Gabriela will love the pics. These are a lovely selection...

    1. Gill, thanks for alerting me of its existence! Twice :-D Glad you like my picks.

  2. "Yes, my husband is okay with this" XD

    Great collection of pics! My fave is probably the second one, but he looks sooooo good in the third one too.

    1. Eva, yeah, he knew I tended to obsess over actors and fictional characters before he married me ;-)

      Thanks! I had fun picking them out of my somewhat vast collection...

  3. Hi! This is VT, for some reason I can't figure out how to sign in these days. Anyway, thank you for tagging me!

    1. VT, how odd! I suppose Google/Blogger is trying to "improve" things again. You're welcome for the tag!

  4. Thanks for the tag! Am going out of town next week so I’ll do this when I get back :)

  5. Finally completed my tag!!

  6. Hi Hamlette (and other Alan Ladd fans!) I'm (incredibly slowly) working on a Box 13 fan cookbook, and since I've run out of recipes attributed to Ladd, I'm now soliciting recipes from his fans! If you have a simple recipe that you might whip up for enjoying while watching or listening to Alan Ladd, and you'd like to share, please get in touch! And please feel free to extend the invitation to other fans! Thank you!

    1. VT, that's such a cool idea! I will ponder it and email you. I sometimes name favorite recipes after actors or fictional characters, or even books or movies, so I will have to see if I've done that for Alan at some point. If not, I have an idea or two...

    2. There is absolutely no hurry! :)


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