Monday, March 08, 2021

New Spring 2021 To-Do List

Let's see what I can come up with to do between now and the end of May, shall we?

(All pictures mine from my Instagram account)

~ Finish re-reading The Lord of the Rings 

~ Finish the first draft of my Beauty and the Beast retelling

~ Finish leading the Sense and Sensibility read-along on my book blog

~ Read 3 books about/by someone who is not white

~ Read 3 books for my latest Classics Club list

~ Read 9 books off my TBR shelves 

~ Watch 6 movies off my TBW shelves 

~ Watch WandaVision

~ Go see Black Widow (I HOPE!!!)

~ Take an afternoon river cruise on a tall ship

~ Visit Colonial Williamsburg

~ Finish the baby blanket I'm crocheting for a relative who's expecting

~ Hang a hammock in the backyard

~ Bake a pie for Pi Day (3/14) -- I'm thinking this one 

Here's to an enjoyable, productive, and story-filled spring!


  1. My sister and I just finished WandaVision. I was on the fence at the beginning, but I liked it a lot! Yeah, it's a big hope to be able to see Black Widow! I probably won't get my shots until June, though, so I'll just have to watch it when it comes to DVD.

    Pie on Pi day is the best! That reminds me to start making plans...

    1. MC, many people really like WandaVision so I'm hopeful.

      Pie on Pi Day is always a good idea!!!

  2. WandaVision is soooooooooooo insanely good. Charity and I were like "o.O" every single week (we watched it together). The show cemented Wanda Maximoff as the Avenger I relate to the most, and gave her some amazing character development, as well as introducing some really cool new folks. I'll probably do a review on my blog soon.

    1. You know, I feel like she was really relatable, and I don't usually feel that, especially not in super-hero movies. She's not all super-contained like a lot of them appear. She's a little wary of her powers. A lot emotional. I was freaked out by the witch stuff at the end (I said it veered to Wicked then to the Blair Witch project, not that I've seen that, I just had to find something to describe it), but the characterization was awesome. It felt more like the Spiderman movies, where you really get more interpersonal stuff and see them as humans rather than all perfect superheroes.

    2. I know, right? She feels VERY human and very like myself. I can look at her and go "yup, yup, that's totally how I'd react." Oh, that's a good comparison! It was like Into the Spiderverse where it really delves deep into Miles' relationship with his family and how that affects his powers.

    3. Katie, how fun that you and Charity watched it together! I'm mostly looking forward to it for Paul Bettany, to be honest, and because DKoren wants to discuss it with me in the worst way.

      Livia, that sounds interesting! I do like the first MCU Spider-Man movie, though didn't care for the second. Haven't seen Into the Spiderverse yet.

    4. Paul Bettany was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine in this show, so I think you will not be disappointed ;)

  3. Looks like some great goals.
    WandaVision is soooooo good! It's definitely a little strange (especially at first), but that's part of what I love about it.
    Having pie on Pi day is great. I'm not that great of a baker, but maybe I'll have to try it this year.

    1. Thanks, McKayla! I like twisty, confusing shows (I'm a major Lostie), so I'm hopeful I'll like it.

      My husband's favorite food is pie (he's not picky about what kind), so we pretty much always celebrate Pi Day :-) Even a frozen pie you just bake is a fun idea!

  4. Wandavision was something else.

    I'm really enjoying the Sense and Sensibility readalong. I usually need some outside thinking or I keep thinking repetitively along the same lines (usually how annoying I think certain characters are).

    1. Livia, yeah, I see verrrrry interesting things about WandaVision.

      I'm so glad the readalong is working for you! I love reading people's comments and hearing their perspectives on the story!

  5. Seeing Black Widow is on my list too. *fingers crossed*


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