Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summer 2018 To-Do List

Here are the things I want to do before the end of August:

~ Publish Dancing and Doughnuts in August

~ Read all five INSPY Awards finalists for the mystery/suspense category, which I'm judging.  Because of this, I'm not doing a library books goal this summer so that I don't overwhelm myself.

~ Read The Harvest Raise by Katie Schuermann

~ Read 2 books for my Classics Club list

~ Read 3 other books from my TBR shelves

~ Watch 5 movies from my TBW shelves

~ Go see Solo: A Star Wars Story

~ Go see Ocean's 8

~ Go see Incredibles 2

~ Go see Ant-Man and the Wasp

~ Go see Mission: Impossible -- Fallout

~ Make these Creamy Lemon Icepops

~ Make these Chocolate Mint Greek Yogurt Pops

~ Clean up the giant junk pile that has accumulated in my bedroom again

~ Order photos -- I WILL do this before the end of the year, and summer might be a good time for it

~ Teach Mad Dog to tie her shoelaces

~ Visit the Ark Encounter

~ Go on a hike someplace I've never been before

That seems like it'll keep me busy, right?


  1. I'm so excited for Incredibles 2!!! It looks SO GOOD. :D

    1. Jessica, I AGREE! And I love that they're using the same style of music, cuz I adore that soundtrack.

  2. Good luck! I hope you get a lot done! There are a lot of movies there, I can't wait to read your reviews!

    1. Thanks, MC! I hope so too :-) I snuck out of the house and saw Solo last night, so that one's already got a review up!

  3. Great to-do list! I'm starting on my to-do list, which includes catching up with all the blog I missed reading during finals week. ;-) I have Solo, Ant-Man, and Incredibles on my list as well - I do want to see Fallout, but I have yet to see most of the preceding films (I think I've only seen M:I 1 & 2!), so seeing those will sneak onto my to-do list, too.

    And holy moly, those chocolate-mint pops look yummy. I might try to make those myself!

    1. Thanks, Claire! Yeah, I have done a lot of blog reading this past week, but I'm still behind, so I hear you there.

      I don't think you neeed to have seen all the M:I movies to enjoy each one. My best friend saw Ghost Protocol without having seen the first 3 and really liked it, so then she went back and watched the first 3, and then watched Rogue Nation when it came out. It's okay to see them out of order.

      And yeah, don't those look great? I can't wait to try them :-9

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, SDS! So far, I've definitely been enjoying :-)


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