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The Little Women Blog Party Tag

Um... so you know how I kind of fell off the blogging wagon for a while there and just never got around to reading any blogs for like two months?

That was bad.

Especially because I missed out on the Little Women Blog Party hosted by Lavender Spring and A Ramble Through the Woods!  Ooooooooops.

Anyway, Abby P. said I could fill out the party tag even though I'm weeks late, so here goes :-)

(Yes, I'm loving being a bookstagrammer.)

1.  Is there anything from the book that you wish were in the movie?

More of Amy's growth and change would have been nice.

2.  If you could change one point of the plot, which would it be?

I wish there had been some way for Alcott to make it perfectly clear to every single reader that Jo and Laurie were an unsuitable match so that I wouldn't have to keep reading people "shipping" them. 

3.  In Chapter 13, the March sisters and Laurie talk about "Castles in the Air," basically their unrealistic but lovely hopes and dreams. What is your castle in the air?

To have a movie made of one of my stories some day.

4.  What would you most like to see in a new adaptation of Little Women, whether in book or film?

More of Aunt March!

5.  What is your favorite dress from the movie?

I'm assuming we're talking the 1994 movie here.  Probably Jo's red party dress.  I would wear it. 

From the 1978 version, I like this one:

6.  Which March sister(s) do you relate to the most?

Definitely Jo, as she's a tomboy and a writer.  So am I.

7.  Do you have a favorite film adaptation of Little Women?

I do love the 1994, as I kind of grew up with it -- it came out when I was 14.  But I really enjoy the 1978 one too.  I haven't seen the 1949 or 1933 versions yet, but I want to!

8.  What is your favorite quote from Little Women?(movie quotes count!)

I have two!

(I have a fridge magnet that says one of those, and a coffee mug that says the other.  These images are both from Pinterest, though, not my magnet or mug.)

9.  Do you have a favorite scene/chapter from Little Women?

Whether it's in the book or on the screen, Jo and Professor Bhaer finally coming to an understanding gets me every time.

10.  Aside from the March sisters, who is your favorite character from the story?

It's a toss-up between Professor Bhaer and Marmee. 


  1. *high-fives you* I never shipped Jo and Laurie, either. They Just Don't Work.

    1. Jessica, high-five and fist bump! Cuz yeah, they just don't.

  2. Thanks for filling out the tag, those were good answers! I especially like number nine. :)

    1. Abby, thanks for letting me join in a bit late! Mmmmmm, yes, it's such a delightful scene.

  3. I don't adore Little Women like some people do, but it's still such a good book and I enjoyed reading your answers. I'm not going to do the tag myself, but I couldn't help commenting on #9. The scene that always, always gets me in the book and any of the movies is when Jo is so frantic for Beth and wishing Marmee were there and then Laurie steps forward and tells her that he's already sent for Marmee and that she'll be home soon. I don't know why that scene stands out to me so much, but it's such a lovely moment between Laurie and Jo that highlights how thoughtful Laurie can be and how they're such good friends.

    DEFINITELY agree with you about wanting Alcott to make the whole "Jo and Laurie would never have worked together as a couple" thing clearer.

    1. Eva, I like Little Men better than Little Women :-o But anyway... that's a good scene too! You're right, it really showcases how Laurie and Jo are sort of on the same wavelength, right?

      Thank you. Cuz yeah, they really wouldn't. They'd be miserable.

    2. I like Little Men better, too. :)

  4. Haha, your answer to #2. ;D

    Awwww, Prof. Bhaer and Jo under the umbrella. :')

    Marmee and Bhaer are both awesome.

    Ooh, I like that dress from the '78, too! Which character is wearing it? I am a diehard -- DIEHARD -- lover of the '94 version, but I miiiight decide to be magnanimous enough to watch a few others . . . ;) (Actually, seriously, I have been wanting to see the one with Katharine Hepburn for a while.)

    1. Olivia, thanks! Hee.

      That's Susan Dey as Jo in the 1978 pic. It's a fun one, and lots longer than the 1994, so it's got room for more stuff. There's a lot more of Beth's lingering illness, for one thing -- she just never gets truly well, you know?

  5. Oh, I didn't know about this blog party/tag either!! I LOVE LITTLE WOMEN. (Obviously... my pen name used to be Miss Meg March. And it's my favourite book. And one of my favourite movies - the 1994 one.)

    I still can't get over how people think Jo and Laurie should have ended together??! But guys! They both were happily married to other people! What's the problem here? They couldn't even get past the proposal without quarreling!

    Oh, those quotes are marvellous! :D (I don't know where you find such things... quotes from Little Women on mugs! I MUST FIND SOME.)
    Jo and the Professor are so darling. <3 <3 <3

    Ahhh, this reminds me of how much I love this story.

    1. Gabby, I KNOW! Because they obviously are way too much alike to have been happy together? And they both happily marry other people? I really don't understand the whole "shipping" thing because, basically, it's a person saying that they want these two characters to have sex. Whether it's inside or outside marriage, that's what they're wanting. Which is just plain weird, to me? Especially non-canonical ships? I mean, I know these are fictional characters and not real people, but... ew?

      I got that mug from Here's a link for you.

  6. Rachel, you have to see the original film versions! I think those are the best ( but then I'm biased because I grew up with them ). Did you know a Little Women musical was made with Maureen McGovern portraying Marmee? It didn't last long and I thought the music was poorly written, still it makes one wonder why MGM didn't turn their 1949 film into a musical at that time.

    1. Metzingers, I KNOW, RIGHT??? I really don't understand how I haven't seen them. I actually own the one with Margaret O'Brien in it now, so I just have. to. watch. it.

      I can see how the story would make a great musical!

  7. Yeah, I don't really get the Laurie and Jo ship. I will admit to having being dissapointed that they didn't end up together at first. But that was the first time I watched the movie and I was rather young and didn't understand at first. Once I realized that Professor Bhaer was the one for her I changed my mind.

    I totally ship Jo and her Friedrich now. Under the Umbrella is the best. The weird thing is that even my mom wishes she had ended up with Laurie.

    PS I would love to see one of your stories in movie form!

    1. Kendra, I think if you come to the story through the 1994 movie, it might be easy to want Laurie and Jo to be together because, doggone it, that particular Laurie is just so irresistable! But no, they really just would not work.

      And thanks! I would too. If you know any movie producers or directors or anything like that, send 'em my way ;-)

  8. Ooh, that first picture is so pretty! <3

    I love both of those quotes you shared!

    Thanks so much for doing the tag, Hamlette! I really enjoyed reading your answers. :)

    1. Thanks, Molly Rebekah! It was a fun photo to set up. Glad you enjoyed reading these! Just wish I'd been able to participate when the party was actually running.

  9. 1. YES YES YES!!! The movies fail every time at showing the true Amy as she grows and developes. They're always so focused on "spoiled Amy." (And actually, I don't think Amy is nearly as spoiled in the book...even as a most of the movies make her out to be. Just sayin'.)

    2. OH MY WORD YES!!! Why couldn't she have done that? Because I seriously wear myself out trying to explain to everyone why Lousia May Alcott had it right all along. HAHA. ;P

    3. Ohhh! I can definitely relate to that dream! It would just be SO cool to write a story and see it made into a film!!! :D (Provided they make the film correctly, of course. Heehee. ;) I would probably be a very annoying author to have on set for the filming. :P)

    Great answers, Hamlette! I enjoyed this post very much. :)

    1. Miss March, I agree -- Amy isn't quite so spoiled in the book, though she still has a lot of growing up to do. She's not quite as bratty, I think.

      Yeah, I'd have to be one of those people who write the story and the screenplay, and then direct and edit the film myself cuz I'm a control enthusiast like that ;-)


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