Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spindle Chat: Grace Mullins

Today's Five Magic Spindles interview is with Grace Mullins, author of "The Ghost of Briardale," which sounds like it's going to be the funniest story in the anthology.  It revolves around "Roselee, a ghost with a faulty memory, who flits through the halls of an insane asylum in search of the mortal boy who can help her save the day."

Grace blogs at Fictionally, and you can like her Facebook page here.  Now for her answers!

1. My favorite book when I was a child: The Mandie Mysteries by Lois Gladys Leppard. They’re the major reason I became such a book nerd, and still hold a dear place in my heart. It was a devastating day for me to find out that she passed away before finishing Mandie’s story…

2. My favorite book now: I think I’ll answer with a book series, because choosing one book is pretty hard for me. The series I choose is “The Ladies of Distinction” series by Jen Turano. LOVE those books, and think you need to read them, too. Like now. Right now.

3. The last book I read: I re-read Secrets Kept by J.L. Mbewe, the first book in “The Hidden Dagger” trilogy. The sequel just released, and, as I wanted to refresh my memory before diving into book two, I decided to go ahead and re-read the book. I’m glad I did, because I’d forgotten more than I realized! Plus, I think I enjoyed it more this time than my first read of it.

4. The book I want to read next Many. But to choose just one, I’ll say Embers by Ronnie Kendig. It just looks like such an AMAZING fantasy. I’ve read some of it already and already feel love for it. 

5. What I'm reading now: A Princess No More, also by J.L. Mbewe, one of a few short stories that fit in the world of “The Hidden Dagger” trilogy. I want to read some of these before I move on to the second “Hidden Dagger” book.

6. My favorite author: Again, I don’t have just one favorite, so I’ll categorize by genre. Historical: Jen Turano -- Fantasy: Anne Elisabeth Stengl -- Contemporary: Melissa Tagg (I feel like I’m excluding so many favorites… *sad face*)

7. The first TV show I watched every episode of: I’m not 100% sure, but I think Little House on the Prairie. I used to really like the show, and would sometimes watch up to four episodes a day because Hallmark Channel was so kind in indulging my love for the show by playing it twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

8. The TV show I think should get more love: I Love Lucy. I know it has somewhat of a fan base, but I feel like my generation should appreciate it more. I Love Lucy (especially when I’m eating ice cream) is my happy place, and I do not understand when people do not show the excitement I feel when we speak of it.

9. My all-time favorite movie: I think probably the 2006 film Miss Potter fits this position for the time being. While it is somewhat sad, it is also charming, darling, wonderful and…Oh, now I want to watch it!

10. A movie I've watched over and over: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I even went and saw it when they put it back in theaters a few years ago even though I own the film… (SO EXCITED for the upcoming live-action version!!!)

11. A movie coming out soon that I'm excited for: Does coming out on DVD count? Because I’m soooo excited for the third Kung Fu Panda movie. I didn’t see it in theaters, and kind of need it now. (Yeah, I have a big inner child).

Thanks for your fun answers, Grace!  I'm really enjoying getting to know you via your blog, this little Q-and-A session, and on Facebook :-)

Everyone else -- please say hi and let Grace know if she's mentioned any of your favorites!


  1. I can't wait for the live-action "Beauty and the Beast" either!!!!!! I was SO EXCITED for the teaser trailer--it was beautiful, even though it was so short.

    1. Hello, Jessica! Pleased to meet you. :-)

      Yay! Another "Beauty and the Beast" fan! The teaser trailer brought tears to my eyes... And I'd have to agree with you about it being short. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt the need for more.

  2. Grace, so fun to "see" you over here, friend. Great favorite movie pick (tragic though it is, Miss Potter IS a lovely film). 'Little House' is part of my childhood nostalgia too, and that image of Kung-Fu Panda looks darling! I've not seen any of those. Perhaps I should remedy this.

    Ditto about the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie. I. Cannot. Wait. :)

    1. Hi Rissi! *waves* It's fun seeing you here, as well. :-D

      I agree that "Miss Potter" is a lovely film, despite its tragic moments. And it did have a cheerful ending despite the heart wrenching middle.

      That's cool to see that Little House was also a part of your youth. I've found myself wanting to re-watch it...
      And "Kung Fu Panda!" I know that quite a bit of it is silly, but I love it because of that. You definitely need to remedy your not watching it. Just saying. ;-)

      I cannot wait for "Beauty and the Beast," either! It just seems so far off... *sigh* However, I do still have the original cartoon version to watch in the meantime, so that's a comforting thought.

  3. Thank you, Rach- Eh, Hamlette, for having me on your blog. Super cool of you. I, too, have enjoyed getting to know you, and look forward to reading your story. (I'm waiting until I get the paperback to read it.) :-D

    1. Hee -- you can call me either one here :-) Thanks to FMS, lots of people know my real name now.

      You have more patience than I do!


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