Friday, June 10, 2016

April and May Period Drama Challenge Tag

Here we are with the latest recap for the Period Drama Challenge.  Miss Laurie has combined April and May into one recap post here, where you can find links to allllll the delicious movie reviews people have submitted in the past two months.

And today, I'm going to answer her tag questions at long last.  We were gone most of this week to the beach, where my husband was attending a church convention, and my kids and I were having adventures like watching dolphins, eating seafood, and of course playing at the beach.

1. What period dramas did you view in April & May? 

I watched and reviewed And Now Tomorrow (1944), Beyond the Rocks (1922), Captain Newman, M.D. (1963), and Angel and the Badman (1947).  I also watched The Sheepman (1958), The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975), The Sign of Zorro (1960), The Proud Rebel (1958), The Light of Western Stars (1940), The Swiss Family Robinson (1960), and The Longest Day (1962).  They were some good months for movie-watching!

2. Do you prefer to watch period dramas that have a happy ending or a bittersweet ending? 

Happy endings for me, thanks!

3. What media forms do you prefer to use when watching period dramas (i.e. purchased DVDs, rented/borrowed DVDs, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu)? 

I prefer DVDs, but now that my brother and his wife gave me their old Roku device and I can watch Amazon Prime movies on my TV, I like that a lot too.  I do watch some things on Hulu and YouTube too, when I can see hard-to-find things that way.

4. Which period drama character's wardrobe would you like to own? 

Emma Woodhouse as portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow.  Here are my three favorites of hers:

5. What period dramas are you looking forward to viewing in June 2016?

Lucky Jordan (1942) and Two Years Before the Mast (1946) are high on my list for new-to-me movies, and I'm hoping to rewatch Branded (1950) and The Great Gatsby (1949) and review them before the challenge ends.  I just watched Gatsby for the first time last night and it is reverberating in my head right now.  Very good adaptation.  I'm also leaning toward rewatching Slow West (2015) if I get a chance.


  1. Oh, I love that yellow-orange dress in the middle picture (from "Emma"). I could wear that color :-)

    1. I think I'd most like to wear the white one on the bottom, but really, I'd be happy with any of them :-D

  2. Oh, I love the movie "Swiss Family Robinson"! It was one of my favourites growing up, and I still love it. :D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg, it was one of my favorites too! I just introduced my kids to it this spring, and we've watched it like four times since then. It's just such fun :-)

  3. Are there any better endings than those of the happy variety? ;)

    1. Well, there are some stories where a happy ending would feel out of place to me. But I do prefer them.


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