Thursday, November 13, 2014

Morning Mix -- Part 1

Last month, I made myself a new CD to listen to in the mornings while I make breakfast.  I love to listen to music while I cook (and pretty much any time at all, but especially while I cook), and I'd been cycling through a bunch of CDs that had bouncy, upbeat tracks, but I'd spend time every morning walking over to the CD player to skip to a cheerful song.  And then I decided that was ridiculous, and I should just put all those songs on one CD!

Sometimes it takes me an insanely long time to realize obvious things.

So anyway, I have been loving my new "morning mix," and I decided today I would try to share it with you!  Only not all 22 songs at once.  I thought I'd break this up into 3 or 4 posts, and find all the songs on YouTube when possible, and then you could bounce around to cheerful music too :-)

Or raise your eyebrows and look askance at my musical taste.  It happens.  I'm used to it.

The very first song is called "How Great" and performed by this Christian group called Branches Band, which sang at our church a few months ago.  I bought four of their albums, I liked them so much!  Alas, this song isn't available on YouTube, but you can check out their website here and their YouTube channel here.  It's a bouncy, praise-ful song that involves a ukelele, and I really wish I could share it with you.

The second song is the theme from a movie called Bandolero! written by Jerry Goldsmith.  I love whistling, I love westerns, so yeah, makin' me happy.

Next is Bobby Darin's classic rendition of "Mack the Knife."  You knew Bobby would be here, right?  This is my absolute favorite song he sang, so here it has to be.

Then we have this peppy remix of a little-known Elvis song, "A Little Less Conversation."  I love songs with complicated, difficult lyrics, which this has in spades.  Also, this song makes me dance.  Perfect for draggy mornings, as long as I remember to put my coffee cup down before I start to dance.

Up next is one of my favorite Piano Guys songs:  "What Makes You Beautiful."  I have come up with secret lyrics to this, known only to me, and so trite and silly that if I told them to you, you would probably stop following my blog.  But anyway, it's a bouncy, happy song.

Last one for today is "Good to Go" by John Corbett.  I don't remember anymore how I found this song, but it was back in Wisconsin.  I think I stumbled on his album at the library or something.  Anyway, although it's got a few Roman Catholic overtones I mildly object to, I love the message of being thankful for your life.


  1. I like cheerful songs, though I usually listen to music when writing or when I need inspiration, so I tend to head toward more melancholy ones. Though I am going to keep some of these in mind when I need a more upbeat song!

    1. Isn't it fascinating how stories require specific songs or CDs sometimes? For some reason the Thor soundtrack worked beautifully for the last few chapters of my last novel, which was a western. Another story demands one particular Bobby Darin album, "Live from Las Vegas." Also a western.

      Anyway, glad you liked some of these :-)

  2. It sometimes takes me a long time to realize obvious things too. ;-P

    WAIT. John Corbett sings?!? Now that is pretty funny. I will always think of him as Christ Stephens from Northern Exposure. :-)

    I love to listen to movie soundtracks while I do my schoolwork. Some of my favorites right now are Lonesome Dove, Little Women and Legends of the Fall. I'm also really into the Bonnie and Clyde musical soundtrack right now, which I just discovered the other day. It's kind of naughty but there are some really great songs.


    1. Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction too. He sings? Shiny! I mostly just know him as that nice guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Raising Helen, though.

      Movie soundtracks make up 2/7 of the music we own. I love them dearly. I didn't know there was a B&C musical, though -- intriguing!

  3. I love this; I'm always on the look for new upbeat songs, so I look forward to your future posts!

  4. Wow...Bandolero is pretty catchy. I've never heard that one. And that Elvis one...whoohoohoo.

    I think your "Mack the Knife" is my "Save the Last Dance for Me". I LOVE Michael Buble's version, and I turn it on almost every time I get ready for church. It makes me wanna dance. :-)

    PG is so freaking alive. (Do you sing the words to your kids? :-) )

    1. It really is, isn't it? I love to whistle it.

      Michael Buble is pretty groovy. He pops up a lot on my "Bobby Darin" Pandora station.

      (I don't sing the words to anyone. But I might confide them in you via email.)

    2. That makes sense because Bobby Darin pops up on my Michael Buble Pandora. I love Bobby's Beyond the Sea. :-)

      Well, you don't have to do that; I just thought maybe you sing to your kids that they're beautiful, because they're more worthwhile than a boyfriend. :-)

    3. I've never quite forgiven Pixar for not using Bobby's version of "Beyond the Sea" during the credits of Finding Nemo.

      And no, they're not poignant or Meaningful like that. Good idea, though! I actually don't know the lyrics to the real song, other than "...and that's what makes you beautiful." I should look them up and improve them.

    4. What did they use? It's been really long since I watched that.

      Oh, well, it was a nice thought. I don't know all the lyrics, either.

    5. They use someone else's version that is basically an exact copy of Bobby's, down to a lot of the timing, only it's not him.


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