Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Coolest Bathroom Ever

I now have the coolest bathroom ever!

See?  Add a self-adhesive border and transform a generic, boring bathroom into shiny awesomeness.

I don't recommend hanging these things while small people are around, as you may be tempted to mutter unsavory expressions under your breath.  But all in all, this turned out better than I'd expected, if not easier than I'd hoped.  I had to dunk the rolls in water for 10 seconds, which was supposed to moisten all the glue on the back.  Except it didn't, so I had to add more water to dry patches, which was awkward and messy.  But hey, it turned out cool and I didn't destroy anything in the process :-)


  1. That does look good. Wish it were as easy to install as computer wallpaper.

    1. Well, it's easier than real, full-room wallpaper, at least. And thanks! I really like it. It's my first experience doing any kind of wallpaper, so I'm very proud.

      And hey, know what? You were my 777th comment! Nifty.


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