Monday, September 15, 2008

What a crazy couple of weeks!

Two weeks ago, we got a couple of apartment-improvement projects done. First, we bought a dry-sink at the Salvation Army to use as a changing table because Dano is getting too heavy for the one we have that's attached to his crib. When we got it home and cleaned up, it turned from a dark cola color to this pretty molasses color. It works perfectly as a changing table -- there's a ledge all the way around the top, so Dano can't roll off accidentally, and the top is a sort of early version of formica or something, so it wipes up easily. Plus, I can put my diapers and wipes and other baby supplies in the drawer, and then underneath is just storage space. I can never have enough of that!

(Yes, that's Dano in the background.)

And then we finally put up shelves in the kitchen for our spices. There've always been these brackets above the stove where we could just put up a couple shelves, but we didn't get around to it for months and months. But Dano is now tall enough to reach the pantry shelves where we'd been keeping our spices, and I didn't feel like hunting all over the apartment under all the furniture to find the parsley or chili pepper whenever I cook, since he loves to just carry random things around the Crow's Nest. So we got some boards from Lowe's, I primed and painted them, and Cowboy installed them. Aren't they great?

Anyway, then last week, the cold Dano'd been nursing the week before got weird -- he started sort of wheezing, like every time he breathed, it sort of rattled or gurgled. So I took him to the doctor and got him some medicine (which makes him hyper, oh joy) and had to rent a nebulizer to give him medicated mist treatments like asthmatics have to have. But he's all better now, thank the Lord, and he took the last of his medicine yesterday, so maybe by tomorrow it'll be through his system and he'll go back to taking normal naps and not being so hyper.

So that's kind of why I haven't blogged for a couple weeks: I've been busy cleaning dry sinks and painting shelves and giving babies nebulizer treatments. Maybe this week will be calmer!


  1. Nice! I like that dry-sink thingy. The color is really nice.

  2. Yer lucky you liked the new color and weren't expecting the old color.

  3. Well, you know, I reeeeeally wanted that darker color because it matched everything else in Dano's room. Lol. I'm afraid my house is too eclectic for me to worry about what colors things are. Except all the framed Classic Hollywood photos in my living room are in either gold or black frames -- that's about my only strict color scheme. And the blanket I crocheted for our bed matches a serape/rug we have in the bedroom.

    So anyway, I guess I'd say I'm lucky I don't buy things to match other things, because it made the new color of the dry sink suit me fine. Low standards can be useful!


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