Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm not dead! Neither did I run away to join the circus. Dano and I were in NC visiting my parents since the 2nd, and we were too busy having fun for me to do more on the computer than check my email every few days. While there, we got to meet Lady Garand, so that was nifty. But now I'm so behind on blogging, reading friends' blogs, and keeping up with my Combat! groups that it's not funny. Honestly, it's not -- stop laughing :-D And to make matters worse, Cowboy, Dano, and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon to spend the week in NH. Cowboy has to go there for job training, so Dano and I are tagging along because a) it'll be fun, and b) we miss him. But my computer time there will undoubtedly also be limited/nonexistent, so who knows when I'll be in touch with the real world again. Er, I mean the online world. Anyway....


  1. It was great to finally meet you, too! And your mom and Dano! Y'all are just the sweetest people! Can't wait for the next recon to see you again!

  2. Can't wait for the next recon to see you again!

    I'm counting on it! :-D


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