Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yesterday, I tried out a new recipe for my birthday. I decided to make "Tuxedo Bars," so called because they have white and semi-sweet chocolate chips in them. I've had the recipe for years, but never got around to trying it. So I figured, hey, it's my birthday, I can make me whatever I want, right? Right.

Good thing I wasn't making them for someone else's birthday. They didn't exactly turn out the way I'd anticipated. After baking for almost ten minutes longer than the recipe suggested, the top was done and the bottom was done, and the inside was a gloopy mess. As they cooled, they fell, and the top cracked, so it looked like a dried-up watering hole in the desert. Never let me kid you and say that everything I bake is a masterpiece!

Once they were cool, I stuck the pan in the fridge, and eventually they got solid enough to cut. They're actually not too terrible -- sort of like funky fudge with a crust and a cracked top. Cowboy took a bunch to work and returned with none, so I guess I fooled the public with them. But it's not a recipe I'll be keeping.


  1. Happy,happy birthday! But, hey, you're not supposed to do your own cooking on your birthday.

  2. Happy,happy birthday!

    Thanks! I had a good one.

    But, hey, you're not supposed to do your own cooking on your birthday.

    Cooking, no. But I love to bake, so baking on my birthday is allowed because it's not a chore, it's more of a hobby :-D

  3. Change the name from "Tuxedo Bars" to "Desert Penguins" and they'll move like hotcakes!


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