Saturday, April 05, 2008

They have a new limited-edition Snickers bar out called the Indiana Jones Adventure Bar. It has a hint of coconut to it, but is otherwise like a normal Snickers. Of all the variations-on-a-Snickers they've come up with, this is my favorite, and not just cuz it's got Harrison Ford on the wrapper :-) I think that's because they're the most like a normal Snickers, and you really can't improve on those.


  1. I'm thinking that maybe a hint of coconut might be the only way a Snickers bar could be improved! Thanks for the heads-up, I'll keep an eye out for them around here!!

  2. I found it at WalMart up here, so that might be your best bet.

    And I'm glad to find another person who likes coconut! Too many people hate it.

  3. Silly people. :-)

    That means more for the two of us!

  4. Sounds yummy! Though I don't buy that bit about it having to do with Harrison Ford one bit!

  5. I don't buy that bit about it having to do with Harrison Ford one bit!

    Sigh. You know me too well. ;-)

  6. Okay, so I finally got one of these... you may keep them! I took one bite and that was enough... waaaaaay too cocoanuty for me! Blech! :-D

    I tried the m&m things too, and didn't like them either. They're too sweet for me.

  7. Good to know! I will commence eating the Road Trip Stash. (As I am currently out of chocolate and not going to the store until day-after-tomorrow, I may have had to resort to eating one of them anyway.)

  8. made the mistake of trying a dark chocolate snickers bar this last trip... almost as bad as the coconut one, and I really like dark chocolate if I have to eat chocolate. But in this case, it actually ruined the snickers bar for me. Instead of the primary taste being peanuts (the only reason I eat it) all I could taste was dark chocolate.

    So, I still adore snickers bars, but looks like they gotta be the everyday, ordinary, home-loving American snickers bar or nothing. :-D

  9. I'm with you on that one -- the dark chocolate Snickers are blech. Same with the almond ones. And I love dark chocolate and almonds.

    On the other hand, dark chocolate "Midnight" Mars bars are far and away better than the normal ones.


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