Thursday, October 11, 2007

We have a Gumdrop! Except now we call him Daniel instead ;-) If there's anyone out there who hasn't seen pics of him yet, here's one:
He arrived at 9:11 on October 9th, after the Lord answered our prayers and granted me a safe and speedy delivery -- my entire labor was only four and a half hours, and without pain medication. Completely crazy, especially for a first baby! He took to nursing right away, too -- in fact, he's feeding as I type this one-handed. We got home from the hospital today about five hours ago.

Cowboy and I are so grateful to God for blessing us with our healthy, happy baby (which we also prayed for for the last nine months). I think we'll keep him!


  1. Welcome home and again -- congratulations!

  2. Best wishes and congratulations from North Carolina! What beautiful boy! And I know he will be loved cherished.

    Hugs and kisses, Daniel, from your Auntie Maggie

  3. Aww there he is!! :D He's such a cutie! So how are things going? I'm sure you must be tired and such. Try and take care of yourself too some. :)


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