Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ohmygiddyaunt! I just bought ice cream from an actual-factual ice cream truck!

I was walking home from the gas station when I heard this calliope-like version of "The Entertainer" somewhere up ahead. I thought, "Wow, somebody has a really loud cell phone." And then here came this little white truck toward me through the dusk, and I thought, "If I didn't know better, I'd think that was an ice cream truck." And then when it passed me, I read the side of it and it WAS an ice cream truck! But by the time I had identified it, it was past me, and I just didn't feel up to chasing it down -- it's icky sticky hot outside right now and I was carrying a gallon of milk in a plastic bag... so I chalked it up to being cool just to have seen an actual-factual ice cream truck and continued on my way home.

While I walked, I thought about the clown on top of an ice cream truck that Booth shot in an episode of Bones last season, and about my favorite ice cream man ever, Tim Conway in The Shaggy D.A. I remembered how kids in books from the 50s and 60s got visited by ice cream trucks all the time, but because I was a kid in the 80s instead, and a kid living out in the middle of nowhere, I never had. Oh sure, sometimes I've gotten ice cream or cotton candy or something from one of those big concession trucks parked outside Walmart or at the fair, and I suppose those are technically ice cream trucks. But they are not the same as a little white truck emitting tinkly music and toodling down your street.

But as I neared home, I started to hear the music again in the distance, like the truck had gone up the street I was on and then turned and was coming back down the next one. When I turned onto my block, all the little kids that live in our duplex complex were lined up on the curb, hopping up and down and discussing whether or not the ice cream truck would really come all the way back there, or if it would turn down another street and miss them completely. By the time I got to our driveway, the truck was in sight, definitely headed for us. So I quick took the milk in, dumped it unceremoniously into the fridge, grabbed some cash, and got back outside in time to be the last person in line.

He didn't have tubs of ice cream that he dipped out of like Tim Conway in The Shaggy D.A., but that's okay. I bought an ice cream sandwich and a sno-cone and walked back to the Crypt with tears in my eyes because I was so excited to have finally bought ice cream from an ice cream truck. I put the ice cream sandwich in the freezer for later and am eating the sno-cone now :-D

Yes, ladies and gerbils, it takes very little to make a Hamlette happy.

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  1. WOO! That's so cool! I loooove ice cream trucks! They were a staple of my youth, but of course, I lived in a big city. Hear one coming, try to get in and get fifty cents from mom in time to get back out and wait on the street for him. I always got sidewalk sundaes. They were my favorite. Once we moved to the country, however... sigh, never saw one again.

    You know, we get ice cream trucks around my new house. I need to listen harder, renew my acquaintance with one.

    Hope he comes around again for you! Particularly now that he knows he's got a crowd over there!

    And funny, I'm craving ice cream now... wonder why!


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