Monday, July 02, 2007

I suppose a baby update is in order about now. I'm starting my 27th week, so I'm basically six months along now. Gumdrop should be about 14 inches long, head to heel, and weigh nearly two pounds. And he's now capable of having hiccups, although I don't know if he ever has yet, as I haven't really noticed sustained rhythmic movement that lasts for more than like five movements. And his lungs would be capable of functioning, with assistance, out in the real world if I should have him prematurely.

As for me, I've gained about 13 pounds, which isn't much, though my nurse/midwife isn't concerned, but she did say stress could be a factor, so I'm trying to switch my days off at work to give myself a less stressful schedule. I have a little heartburn now and then, but rarely bad enough to even make me take a Tums. I'm not retaining water yet -- my shoes and rings all still fit, and my ankles aren't swollen or anything. It's harder to bend over, as there seems to be this baby thing in the way, so I do a lot more squatting and kneeling at work to stock the lower shelves now. Plus, blood rushes to my head if I bend over for more than a couple seconds, which is not terribly joyous. I avoid lifting boxes I know will be really heavy (over like 25-30 pounds), and most of my co-workers will not allow me to pull anything other than empty pallets anymore.

Anyway, the baby blanket is progressing nicely and I might make another one just cuz I like crocheting. This baby will have lots of blankets -- he might have to share with later siblings ;-)


  1. Where's a picture already!?!? ;)


  2. There are pictures of me from about a week and a half ago... still in my camera. There are still 8-10 exposures left on the roll, so it may be a while before they're developed.

    That's one of the things I like about 35mm cameras -- they teach you patience. No instant gratification. When the roll is full and has been developed, then you get to see what you captured.

  3. Yeah but by the time we get to see you at 25 weeks pregnant you'll be like 35 weeks pregnant and I'll be asking for NEW pics already! Just go quick take 10 pictures of Larry or the ground and get them developed! I hate patience! Poooy! Why would one not want instant gratification if it were available? I want pictures, I want pictures, I want pictures!!


  4. Oh, fear not, I'm getting a digital camera next month.


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