Sunday, December 24, 2006

I got snow for Christmas! Woooo! Okay, it's not exactly Christmas yet, and it's not exactly the kind of snow I wanted, but it's Christmas Eve and the ground is white, so close enough! Actually, it's a really hard frost with a light dusting of snow over it so, as I drove home from work this morning, the grass and trees and rooftops looked white, and if I squinted it looked like real Christmasy snow :-D And stretching above the whiteness was a dawn as rosy-fingered as any that ever glowed over the fields of Troy. The whole morning was like a Christmas present from God just for me.


  1. As long as the snow stays on the grass and trees and rooftops, God can send you as much as he wants!

  2. Well, I figure we pay taxes to hire people to remove the snow from the roads, so I'm doing my part already to keep it on the grass and trees and rooftops :-D


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