Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hooray! My latest piece of fanfic has finally been posted on the Purple Hearts site! It's called "Searching", and it's a crossover between Combat! and Angel. Unlike my previous crossover, "Bulletproof", this one takes place in the world of Angel. So if you want to, surf on over and check that out ;-)

Also, I've started a new blog, which I call Hamlette's Other Soliloquy. It's just a dumping ground for poetry and stuff that I want to have handy for referencing. Stuff I'm sick of googling for over and over, but don't feel like keeping on my harddrive, basically. Plus, gave me an excuse to get a livejournal account too so I can interact with a bunch of my friends' blogs better...


  1. Any bets on how long before Hamlette finally breaks down and totally reverts to LiveJournal? The only factor I can think of that would slow this is loyalty to this journal... I give her 9 months. Muah ha ha.

  2. She'll soon give in to our pseudo-anonymous taunting! I'm guessing that was from the Philosopher-Squirrel.

    There is a display issue with the story -- wherever you have quotation marks, I see a question mark, because those little inverted-comma quote marks are not standard HTML for some reason. I believe Mac users will see the same glitch. The fix is in Microsoft Word, Tools menu, choose AutoCorrect Options, AutoFormat As You Type tab, uncheck "Replace 'straight quotes' with “smart quotes”." This is not your fault -- Microsoft should have done this better.

  3. I found that if I save the file to my desktop, the quotes work. Don't know why that would be but it's nice. I first encountered this problem on discussion boards where that wouldn't have been worth it.

  4. Weird. I see ordinary quotation marks. Is this a big problem with the other stories I've posted there too? As in, should I let my site-mom know and try to fix it?

  5. There is no smart quote problem in the other stories. Someone must have switched to Windows XP or something, where the new paste function picks up the funny quotes. This is an annoying issue, especially for people e-mailing their resumes and having them filled with funky characters. I made a corrected copy of the file and mailed it to you.


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