Saturday, May 04, 2024

Five Books? Surreal.

It's a little hard to believe I have five books out now.  Five!  One was amazing.  Two was terrific.  Three and four felt like really good progress.  But five books, out in the world, on people's shelves.  On my own shelves.  Somehow, five seems like a significant number.  Like I'm not just dabbling in publishing my books.  Like this is a real series now, not just a few books that I keep saying is a series.

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My launch tour for The Man on the Buckskin Horse is over.  I've updated the links in the tour post if you want to check out any you've missed.  It feels really fitting that this novella would be the number five book, the book that makes me really sit back and say, "Yup, this is a real series.  I'm an author with staying power."  Because this is the novella that launched my publishing career, when it was published in the Five Magic Spindles anthology in 2016.  It's like a homecoming of sorts, that I'm able to bring it into my series officially at last.  And in such a pretty illustrated edition!  I love it a lot.

That's probably enough rambling about this book.  I'll leave you with this cool book video that Deborah Koren made for me :-D


  1. Congratulations aRachel, have you a dream cast for your books??

    1. Thanks, Gill!

      I have dream casts for allllll my books :-D For this one, it would be:

      Emma Thornberry -- Imelda Staunton
      Victor Owens -- Vic Morrow
      Luke Palmer -- Henry Cavill
      Rosalind Owens -- Winona Ryder
      Mrs. Mortimer -- Cate Blanchett

      For Cloaked:

      Mary Rose O'Brien -- Felicity Jones
      Jubilee O'Brien -- Dame Judi Dench
      Hauer -- Alan Ladd
      Mr. Linden -- Michael Fassbender
      Christopher Small -- Armie Hammer
      Old Joe -- Walter Brennan

      For Dancing and Doughnuts:

      Jedediah Jones -- Bobby Darin
      Alice Algona -- Lauren Bacall
      Anna Algona -- Robin Wright
      Abel Cooper -- Michael Fassbender
      Trouble -- Christian Kane
      More Trouble -- David Boreanaz
      Sheriff Walbridge -- Alan Ladd
      John Kittredge -- Chris Hemsworth
      Clara Algona -- Shirley MacLaine
      Felicity Algona -- Beth Reisgraf

      For One Bad Apple:

      Levi Dalton -- C. Thomas Howell
      Hopeful Mallone -- Zendaya
      Rev. Eli Mallone -- Sidney Poitier
      Ness -- Chadwick Boseman
      Mrs. Mallone -- Halle Berry
      Wallace -- Denzel Washington
      Sanderson -- Michael Fassbender
      Hauer -- Alan Ladd

      For My Rock and My Refuge:

      Marta Beckmann -- Alicia Vikander
      Arthur Wendell -- Hugh Jackman
      Jakob Beckmann -- Michael Fassbender
      Maggie Craig -- Barbara Stanwyck
      Peter Craig -- Tom Holland
      Sheriff Keane -- John Wayne
      Deputy Schmidt -- Ward Bond
      Alex McLeod -- Zac Efron
      Dan McLeod -- Alan Ladd
      Mrs. McLeod -- Veronica Lake
      Yu An Ling -- Grace Park
      Guan Hai Ling -- John Cho
      Fen Ling -- Ming Na Wen

      I have pictures for all my dream casts done as Pinterest boards, too :-)

    2. Thanks for these great answers!!! You must imagine them as you are writing...

    3. You're welcome, Gill! And, actually, yes -- that is exactly how I write! I imagine a movie, and I write it down as it plays out in my brain.

    4. I do that when I'm reading... good to see I am not the only one.

    5. Gill, I do that when I read too :-D

  2. Congratulations, Rachel!! You're right, five books is indeed an IMPRESSIVE number :D And I love the soft sunset cover for "The Man on the Buckskin Horse!"

    1. Thanks, Katie! This is honestly my favorite cover yet!

  3. Five is such an impressive number!! Your amazing!

    1. Aww, thanks, Skye! Yeah, it has a certain solidity to it. "I have five books out." Sounds like I'm serious about this.


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