Friday, March 06, 2020

Spring 2020 To-Do List

Here we go again!  Between now and the end of May, I would like to:

~ Finish revising One Bad Apple and be close to publishing it.

(This was the end of the first round of revisions...)
(All pics are mine from my Instagram)

~ Read 3 titles for my Classics Club list

~ Read 9 books off my TBR shelves

~ Read 2 books from the library

(Maybe I'll get most of these read!)

~ Watch 5 movies off my TBW shelves

~ Go see Call of the Wild

~ Go see the new Emma

~ Go see No Time to Die (Hmph.  I was so looking forward to this being a spring movie and not smushed in with all the Nov/Dec madness.  Thank you, DKoren, for alerting me that this has been moved.)

~ Go see Black Widow

~ Go see The Green Knight

(Bookends my bff gave me, with my cool vintage LOTR copies.)

~ Try my hand at making a "book nook" bookshelf insert like these.  I'm thinking something LOTR-themed...

~ Finish the blanket I'm crocheting for my 8-yr-old's bed.

~ Re-pot one of our blueberry bushes before its current container falls completely apart.

~ Repaint the main floor bathroom.

(My kids' bookshelves in the freshly painted kitchen.)

How about you?  Do you have plans for springtime projects or just general things you like to keep up on?


  1. You can remove seeing Bond from your list, as its release date has been moved to November!

    Loving the fresh kitchen! That must feel so good to have it done and looking spiffy.

    1. DKoren, UGH! That's annoying. I was so happy it was in the non-rushy part of the year. Now it's going to be crowded in with all the other stuff in Nov? Fie!

      The kitchen is very bright and pleasant :-) And the bookshelves let us put the magazines in an organized spot instead of falling all over the ledge, so now it's less messy AND we can see into the kitchen from the living room better. Loving it.

  2. *cheers for One Bad Apple*

    I'm pretty excited about the new Emma movie! I want to see it this weekend.

    1. Katie, please keep cheering!

      I'm planning to see Emma on Sunday :-) With my mom!

  3. Those book nooks are so neat! Make sure to post pictures of what you create!

    1. MC, I know! They're amazing. I will totally share pictures if I manage to make one.

  4. Um, okay, I need a book nook now, I'd never heard of these before, the hobbit one is darling, and oh, wouldn't that make a wonderful portal in a story of magic? Somehow getting Borrower size and going through into a land like Narnia?

  5. So excited for One Bad Apple!
    Best of luck with your goals.

    1. Thanks, Skye! :-) Feels like I need all the luck I can get right now ;-)

  6. Hi again!

    I will be posting a review on my blog later on, but I want to thank you for Dancing and Doughnuts! I found it to be a very enjoyable read - and the gentle humour was perfect - especially with everything going on right now, it was a wonderful little escape. (I also appreciated what you did with the sheriff and his wife ;) ) Add me to your readership looking forward to One Bad Apple!

    1. VT, oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had such fun writing it :-) I look forward to your fuller review!


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