Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ukrainian Independence and Christmas Shopping

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Would you like to support Ukraine's fight to remain independent from Russia, but you don't live anywhere near Ukraine and don't know how you could possibly help?  Cowboy has had a brilliant idea:  search Etsy for Ukrainian sellers (here's a handy link), and buy things from them to give people for Christmas.  (All images in this post are also links.)

Ukrainian Kozak with wife

Cowboy says, "At the very least, you'll be helping someone whose income has likely dropped 20-40% this year.  At best, you'll be helping Ukraine with badly needed foreign exchange AND supporting the Ukrainian troops against the (pro-Russian) separatists, because much of the Ukrainian army's financial support is coming from private fundraisers and donations."

Custom handmade wooden fashion journal  / Ukraine / Leather stripes / ready to ship

If you're concerned that your money might be going to Russian-supporters instead, Google the city name listed in the Etsy shop.  The farther west, the more likely to be pro-independence.  Some sellers might even have pro-independence blurbs in their shop descriptions or items in their shops.  I even found this awesome shirt that says "Ukraine blooms in my heart."  Not only that, but the shop owner says that "This t-shirt is being sold to support Ukrainian military units fighting to free Eastern Ukraine. The entire amount earned from selling t-shirts will be transferred to the proven volunteer organizations engaged in logistical support of Ukrainian military forces."

T-shirt "Ukraine blooms in my heart"

So if you're someone I buy Christmas or birthday gifts for, don't be surprised if you get something made in Ukraine this year!  I bought my kids some puzzles from this Ukrainian Etsy store last year, and I'm totally getting some for our little friends this year.  And maybe some more for my kids too :-)

Puzzle Train. Wooden toys, wooden puzzle, eco-friendly handmade toys for babies, children, kids

(And yes, I start my Christmas shopping early.  If I'm not starting to buy gifts by May, I feel behind.  I hear this is an ISFJ trait, actually, the desire to find the perfect gift for someone we hold dear.)


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I've been to Ukraine three times to work with orphans and I absolutely love it. The people there are still struggling to find their own identity separate from the old Soviet/Russian ideas, but they are slowly finding their voice. They are such an amazing group of people with a rich history and beautiful culture.

    1. Really? How cool! I've been there once, and it was fascinating. My hubby lived there for six years -- his parents were missionaries there in the '90s. So Ukraine holds a special place in our hearts, and we've been following the news there so closely. I'm so glad we've figured out a way to help people there, even if it's in a small way.

  2. What a simply awesome idea, Hamlette! I love it! Thanks for sharing. *clicks over to etsy* :)

    1. Thanks! The credit goes to Cowboy, but I really have been buying Ukrainian-made stuff for Christmas now. I just got one of those t-shirts in the mail today, and it's very nice! And the store that sells that train puzzle? I actually ordered some of their puzzles for my kids a year or so ago, and they're awesome! Really creative and fun.


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