Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Vanishing Act" by Thomas Perry

I completely loved Thomas Perry's story in A Study in Sherlock, so I decided to try out his books.  The first one I've read is Vanishing Act.  I'm excited to announce that I was asked to be a guest reviewer on the NovelBookRatings blog, and this is the book I reviewed, so you can go here to find out how I liked it.

And while you're there, check out the whole site!  Novel Book Ratings is a great tool for selective readers who want to know beforehand how much violence, sex, and profanity a book has, as well as whether the writing makes it worth reading.  I am, of course, known as Hamlette over there, and I've been merrily rating novels ever since I found the site.  It's perfect for book clubs and parents.  If you also love books, please join the site and contribute your own ratings.  The more people who contribute, the more useful the site will be!


  1. That's so very cool! Enjoyed your guest review of this book. Never heard of the Novel Book Rating site, either. Must check it out!

    1. I was actually thinking you might dig this book. It reminded me a little, tonally, of that mystery you sent me that i thought ended all wrong. Which I can't remember the name of now, sigh.


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