Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day 24 - Best quote

This isn't the best quote ever, or even my favorite quote.  But it's probably the one that gets used the most in our household right now.  It's from The Hound of the Baskervilles (1988) which is technically a TV movie, but hey, it's part of the Grenada Television series, so I say it counts. 

Watson has at last discovered Holmes living on the moor, and Holmes invites him into his little hidey hole, then offers him some stew that a local woman sells him every day.

Watson:  "It's quite disgusting, Holmes."
Holmes:  "Yes.  Well, it's better when it's hot."

Holmes then makes the most apologetic smile you'll ever see on his stern face.

I love the moment, and we use either or both parts of that quote all the time around here.

Holmes (Jeremy Brett) and Watson (Edward Hardwicke)


  1. Jeremy Brett WAS Sherlock Holmes ... I fell in love with his portrayal when he and Watson laugh at poor Jabez Wilson in "The Red-Headed League". Wilson is insulted and starts to leave and Jeremy Brett's Holmes vaults the settee to stop him. It was just RIGHT.

  2. For me it was some episode with the dog Toby in it. Brett as Holmes smiled at him, and I melted.

    Have you read the Holmes stories by Laurie R. King? If not, try to find "A Beekeeper's Apprentice." It's wonderful. (And Ms. King says Brett is her ideal Holmes too.)


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