Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Man, am I late in posting this or what? Johnnycake and Dimples were here all weekend, and since then I've been busy preparing for my upcoming trip (to visit my in-laws and then go to this year's Combat! Recon).

Anyway, last week's musical was Gypsy (1962). It added Karl Malden to May's selection of Unexpected Male Musical Stars. It was okay -- I didn't dislike it, but I didn't particularly like it either. It seemed to lack emotion and, I dunno, zing or verve or something. Rosalind Russell was competent in the role of Pushy Stage Mom, Karl Malden filled a Nice Guy role with alternate long suffering and bluster, and Natalie Wood occasionally shone in the title role of Gypsy Rose Lee. I think the best scene was when Gypsy's mother pushed her into her first burlesque appearance -- Natalie played it completely flat, no emotions, like she was sealing herself off from what she was about to do. It seemed really realistic and was probably the most poignant scene in the movie.

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